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Riddim Dancer: The SpaceGhost Interview [Exclusive]

  I think it’s fair to say that most of my generation is lucky to be around in a time period where dancing is acceptable, and often times even encouraged. But if we jump back in time to the 1800s where a massive ban on dancing was implemented throughout many towns and cities in the United States – it wasn’t until 1996 that Baylor University lifted its own ban on dancing. Folks, we might even be blessed to have been born in a time where dancing helps us meet other like minded individuals – dancing also exists as a means of expressing art and creativity, which is very important in this day and age. It brings my heart joy to see a certain monster of a Riddim producer bring so much light and heaviness to what was once a beautiful dance hall heater written by Aaron Smith.

Whether you’ve been living under a rock, or Riddim stomping till the cops yell stop, you’ve probably come across a producer named SpaceGhost. I’ve had the recent pleasure of discovering two incredibly massive tunes that were written by this mysterious producer, and I know you’re going to love them. And while you get down and dirty, please enjoy this short interview that we put together with the spectre himself.

1. SpaceGhost! Where on earth (or the cosmos) did you get the idea for Finger Blasta?

That’s a good question. I got the idea for Finger Blasta one night my Argentinian Senpi Senri Dubs sent me a few synths because I had contacted him about a collab earlier that day – so I started going through these sounds and heard that kinda wood blocky synth and the melody and knew this was the one. I then immediately got the idea of trying to get a bouncy yoi kind of sound to surround it and in a few mins I had created the saucy flow that you now know and love ha-ha. After that, everything just came naturally to writing the intro melody and grabbing the instruments, to just adding in those speak n spell vocals ha-ha. I had a great time creating it and it is currently one of my favorites I have produced.

2. Finger Blasta will always be iconic! What can you tell us about your next level heater, Riddim Dancer?
I got the idea for Riddim Dancer just browsing through Facebook one night and my buddy Harrison had sent me the notorious Ricardo meme and I died laughing! But at the same time, i heard this Aaron Smith vocal and absolutely fell in love – I even listened to the remix for hours on end and it touched me. I knew I had to try something with it so I went on YouTube and found the acapella and resampled it and tweaked it and started writing. Just like Finger Blasta, the ideas came naturally and the magic started to happen. I’ve noticed that whenever I find something I really love, it’s like I get possessed and the music takes over my soul. I literally worked on it for two days straight before I completed it. I was so hyped an excited about it that I wasn’t even sleeping – it was a big relief when I got it done and was finally able to sleep ha-ha. To this day, Riddim Dancer is my favorite song I have produced and I’m currently working on ideas for a VIP, but nothing solid to mention yet – but it’s coming !!!

Hmmm my favorite dance move …. I’m not sure I have an answer for that ha-ha. I know dances but not the names for the moves, but I do enjoy the casual Riddim bounce you do when you hear some spicy Riddimz.
4. What town are you repping brother? 
I’m currently repping Vancouver British Columbia. It’s nice here but I have not heard much about the scene since I never leave the house lol. 
5. Do you have any advice for Bass producers who are looking to make their mark in history?
My advice for other bass producers or any other producer in general is to stay true to what you love and what ever gives you that spark to create. There are too many people just trying to follow trends and be like someone else, not tapping into themself! We are all unique as individuals with very different ideas and perspectives – if you can tap into yourself and  put yourself into your music, you can create something unique and special in the end… Become a leader not a follower. 

Be sure to check out SpaceGhost’s newest collab with California badmon, BRIKZ!

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– Zyven

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