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TCS DJ Of The Day (0010): Riven! [Exclusive Interview]

The 15 Year Old Dubstep Prodigy Strikes Again,

riven slayyrrr

     Imagine Music Festival was an extraordinary experience, and part of it was because of the large variety of genres that were included this year. With crazy electro-soul musicians like Griz and Daily Bread, to the high intensity drum n bass antics of Ill.Gates and KJ Sawka, our DJ Of The Day fits perfectly

into the “turnt the fuck up dubstep” category. After playing a killer set the lowkey Imaginarium stage on the other side of Masquerade Park in front of what ended up being around 400 people, “The largest crowd that the Imaginarium has seen all weekend!” according to his hypeman/mentor. Riven held up on greeting his fans for few minutes to answer a couple of questions for The Charlotte Sessions. He seemed a bit shy, but it’s not everyday that you get to see someone this young killin shit at a big music festival, so we made him play along anyways.  Check out the interview with Atlanta’s coolest 15 year old, below.

Riven Slayer

The Charlotte Sessions: Riven it’s great to meet you man, mind if we ask you a couple of questions? 

Riven: Sure!

The Charlotte Sessions: We noticed that you have a taste in heavy bass, robotic Dubstep, I think we heard some Bommer mixed in there?

Riven: Yeah I really like listening to some Bommer and Crowell.

TCS: Did you know that Crowell is from Charlotte?

Riven: *chuckles* Hah, Yeah I actually did know that! He’s cool.

TCS: And we heard you drop some 50 Carrot and Datsik too?

Riven: It was Gentlemen’s Club actually! I really like that kind of Dubstep. And yeah Datsik is awesome.

TCS: Gentlemen’s Club rocks! How long have you been producing music and DJing? 

Riven: I started back in 2011 when I was in 6th grade, I played a lot of birthday parties back when I first stared.

TCS: So you’re in 10th grade right now?

Riven: Yeah that’s right!

TCS: So what do you do first when you get home? Mixing or homework?

Riven: *laughs* Homework.

TCS: Where else have you performed since the start of your live DJing career? 

Riven: I started playing some clubs in 2013, my first show was at the Dive Bar when I was 13. I also played Counterpoint this summer which was a lot of fun.

Shot By ChuckyFoto.
Shot By ChuckyFoto.

TCS: That’s badass, we just played video games and watched TV when we were your age.

Riven: I like video games too!

TCS: Which games do you like to play/are looking forward to coming out?

Riven: Fallout 4 and the WWC Expansion. Oh and definitely, 100%, Halo 5. *chuckles*

TCS: So overall what did you think about the Imagine Festival this year?

Riven: It was a great time, I mean, look at all those people!

TCS: One last question! What do you have to say to all the other high school sophomores out there?

Riven: Don’t wait till college to chase your dreams. 

TCS: Thanks Riven we’ll see you soon!

Riven: Thanks guys!

Check Out Riven’s Original Track That He Played At Imagine!

     riven fam

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–   Zyven

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  1. Aaron G-style Aaron G-style December 14, 2018

    Can you PLEASE provide some kind of link to this kid?? I seen him at Moonshine Music and Arts festival a few years back and him and space jesus and beats antique were by far my favorite 3 sets. I can’t find a link to a single bit of his music. Make it happen!!! I will be visiting this post again soon. Or email me. I just happened to google his name and this is the only link back to him on the web right now. He needs to be famous.

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