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Don’t Get Presumptuous with Rob Boss

I wasn’t expecting to discover a badass new producer with a name that reminds me so much of an infamous painter that has become a true icon in the realm of memes and festival culture. Step aside Bob Ross, Rob Boss is in the building. When I first heard his tune “Presumptuous,” I was captured by the sinister and dark melody that fills up the background. Whenever the piano notes kicked in, I knew some kind of f*cked up, crazy drop was bound to take place – it carries that classic, pungent Riddim, stank face inducing style that I really appreciate.

I like the subtle sword chops that are thrown in to give this tune that extra tough boost. While I’m not quite familiar with the vocal samples, I think that having any kind of animated character saying some weird stuff like “Listen to Mr. tough guy here. That’s pretty presumptuous to think this fight’s in the bag.” Much love to this Florida cool cat and the rest of the Sleepy Gang who are working hard to bring you all good tunes, while taking plenty of naps along the way.

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– Zyven (The Riddim Professor)

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