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Samplifire and MVRDA Deliver a Deadly Performance at Arrivals Festival

I had to close my eyes for a few seconds to truly manifest the fact that I was sixteen hours away from home, dancing around in my labcoat in another country that I never thought I’d see the day to visit, just moments away from witnessing my very first performance from a certain French Dubstep marauder who’s been infecting the airwaves for years now. But it seems that Samplifire has been having some solid success with his career now, more than ever before. Maybe it’s because the family over at Disciple Round Table has been showing him so much love – or maybe it’s because he’s on the verge of performing his very first tour in the United States. Or maybe it’s simply because he’s a badass.

Nevertheless, the love and energy being put forth in this extremely creative and gruesome project has definitely been apparent; his special performance with MVRDA is a true example of the passion that Samplifire holds for this scene. Similar words can be said about the Southampton nightmare, MVRDA – no matter what city he’s in or what stage he’s playing on, no matter how many people are raging in the crowd below him, this twenty one year old prodigy brings nothing but pure destruction, always managing to flash a sneaky little grin on his face whenever the situation calls for one.

I knew that the second I arrived to Montreal, my buddies would be amped and ready to go straight to Saint-Pie, a journey that felt like an eternity, mainly because it was my first time dealing with Montreal traffic. But when we finally made it to the intimate Wubs and Riddim gathering, I immediately felt a weight life off my shoulders as I mentally checked out of any stress and doubts that may have been sitting in the back of my mind at the moment of my arrival. I had to patiently party and survive two days of my first French Canadian music festival as I anticipated the special day that Samplifire and MVRDA were set to destroy Arrivals. They say Sunday is the holy day, but there was nothing holy or sanctified about that gruesome performance.

INFEKT had just finished obliterating my fourth time witnessing his mind boggling live performance, which meant only one thing. The moment I had been waiting for – the rise of Samplifire and MVRDA. I actually had the opportunity to open up for MVRDA last year during his North Carolina debut, and it was a night that I will never forget – so I may be biased when I say that these two lads had thrown down the best set of the weekend. It was morbidly ridiculous watching Samplifire unleash tunes like “Game Over“, a grimy collab written with IVORY off the Termination EP as well as No Visa (“NOVISV“) and “Last Man Standing” off his new Nightmare EP on Never Say Die Black Label. My favorite part was when Samplifire quickly snuck in parts of his tune “Hold Up” which features the voice of Atlanta rapper, Father. I also really enjoyed hearing one of my all time favorites, a collab among the two performers of the evening known as “Mambo N Riddim” which will become a classic as time progresses. TOOG and GOOT were really going at it; their Anthem says it all.

Stank face after stank face, everywhere I looked in the crowd I managed to catch a filthy look, a finger lazer gun, Riddim claws, monkey dance moves, intense shoulder pops and all sorts of different variations of stomping – MVRDA and Samplifire were, without a doubt, causing a Riddim Riot among the people of Arrivals. I can say that people certainly had fun moshing during this extreme set. The crowd naturally got excited as MVRDA threw in some strange version of one of his all time fan favorites, “Ball Licker“. Fans also got a chance to hear the new collab with Oolacile known as “Death Heads”, which produced exactly just that, a bunch of rattling necks hanging off the limbs of countless Bass Zombies from different parts of Quebec. Needless to say, this was one of the most intense sets I have ever survived, and I’m certainly glad to say that I was able to be a part of the experience. Until next time Samy Samplifire and Tommy MVRDA, you guys are the true definition of Dubstep.

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– Zyven

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