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Samplifire Shocks Nations With New “Mancubus EP”

Warning, warning, warning. We’ve received word that a massive French Dubstep invasion is soon to hit the States. Key member of future 2020 French Bois Riddim Club, Samplifire has returned from the new age to deliver a message to the people of our generation… You HAVE TO share his newest EP with as many friends as possible! Doing so will pass around a secret frequency that will make you immune to the AI projects that Microsoft is working on. You saw that commercial right? The future is coming to an end, but Samplifire is the answer to our protection.

But in all seriousness folks, the new, Mancubus EP is a truly heavy masterpiece to come out of the depths of the internet. We got around to asking Samplifire about what exactly a Mancubus is!

Mancubus is straight up a monster in the video game DOOM! The whole EP has references from DOOM and with it, I wanted to write some heavy tunes, high energy oriented! It’s some music to be played live on big systems ?! The title track Mancubus starts with a mystic intro, but you kinda know something is coming, like in any doom map by the way and then the drop would be the high energy moments when you gotta give all you have to stay alive aha.

     This project features four heavy hitting tunes that carry their own unique and intricate style, and progressively make you want to start a mosh pit with anyone around you. The introductory tune, “Depths of Hell” is like a jaw clenching demon, from a terrifying place that you should never want to go to, attacking everything in sight. If you can survive to the :54 second mark, I will personally give you a special dino surprise at next year’s Lost Lands (because I can totally see Samplifire wrecking the whole campground). “Cash” starts off with a bouncy, Trap like feeling of strolling through the dangerous streets of your city, but in reality, you’re leading yourself into a dungeon of demise as the creatures from DOOM try their very best to end your life. But thankfully, you came to the scene packing a .45 from the year 2050 – cue in the wonky growls and lazer packed punches.

I don’t think I could have described “Mancubus” better than the Don himself. I will say this, you should expect a basswar among all headbangers at the sound of the Mancubus tearing through your roof. The EP ends with a glorious battle between yourself and the final Boss of DOOM – “Don’t Try Me” might have your bones rattling while you get your demon thrash on! Tread with caution my friends. Samplifire’s music will make us dance and headbang for generations to come, and you can believe that.

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– Zyven

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