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Shade 45 Discovery: Young Buck & Twanée “Can’t Lose”

How often do you hear a stack of lyrics that seem to have all the right words that truly resonate with your soul? It’s 9:13 in the morning on a Thursday, I’m less than forty miles away from reaching Orlando – my Kansas City wonky peanut is asleep in the passenger, and naturally, I’m listening to my favorite radio show known as Sway In the Morning on Shade 45. As the voices of Sway, Heather B, Tracy G, and DJ Wonder croon through the microphones, Wonder spins out the chatting and throws on a smooth and refreshing beat that kicks hard through my speakers – the mood in my Chevy changed from grumpy fatigue, to quite possibly the most emotional, thought provoking, inspiring four minutes that I will have this month. Believe it or not, the right set of lyrics can make a man appreciate his life struggles, battles and motives for every decision he makes. As the deep, yet intriguing voice of Nashville’s very own Young Buck croon through my speakers, I stop staring aimlessly at the road and start to truly listen to the lyrics that this Tennessee rhyme-star had to share.

I don’t play by no rules
(Play by no rules)
I done paid all my dues
(Paid all my dues)
Come and walk in my shoes
Ain’t no way I’m gon’ lose
Ain’t no way I’m gon’ lose
Ain’t no way I should lose now
What should I do

    In life, we, as humans have outstanding opportunities to grow, learn, prosper, teach, love and unite with the people around us. We all have life struggles that not everyone may know about. I’ve wanted to drop out, I’ve wanted to give up, I’ve wanted to stay in bed for days until I figure out “what the hell is the deal with me?” But we have to fight – we have to keep pushing – we can never stop dreaming. As long as we keep repeating the honest and truthful words of Young Buck and the lovely New York based vocalist Twanée echo in my heart, another moment of clarity rings through my head “Ain’t no way I’m gon lose, ain’t no way I should lose now.” Take this message as you will, hit play, or don’t, but if you’re feeling down and your heart is confused, then maybe Buck and Twanee’s words are exactly what you need to hear.

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We Will Never Lose as Long as We Keep Fighting

– Zyven

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