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Experimental Bass Duo, Shanghai Doom, Drops Brand New Heater

     Good news for experimental bass music fans, New Jersey’s own Shanghai Doom, just recently dropped their brand-new bass heavy track, “Contact.” The beats oriented track fuses elements of Trap and Dubstep, with some of the most ear melting extraterrestrial synths known to man. There is level of ambience layered over the song that mixes with the beat perfectly, to create an extra eerie vibe.

    To make the track even more alien, the song features samples of a woman’s voice talking about “what’s beyond our solar system and the search for life in the universe.” The track immediately takes you out of this atmosphere for a quick musical journey through space and time. “Contact” is quickly gaining popularity amongst EDM artists on Soundcloud with Kompany, KOOS, Matroda, INF1N1TE, Terravita, Felmax, and Tascione reposting the new song to their pages.

   Although Shanghai Doom is a relatively new bass duo, they have still managed to release several hot tunes for listeners all over the world to enjoy. Be sure to give this track a listen as well as Shanghai Doom’s other recent releases, such as “The Consensus” and “Invasion.”

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