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Shiverz and Obey Obliterate The Black Box in Denver [Concert Review + Exclusive Interview]

      There’s a special feeling you get walk up to a venue’s doors and hear the bass roar through the walls, knowing that the entire night is about to be one insane ride. As soon as you walk into Denver’s prestigious Black Box venue, you feel at home. My buddies and I were there for the Team Butcher Show featuring two of the most entertaining producers in the Riddim scene, Obey and Shiverz. The staff was super friendly throughout the night, which made my experience that much better. Security was friendly and informative (they showed me where everything was). One of the coolest aspects about the venue was the fact that there wasn’t one, but TWO totally different stages that were roomed off so that sound wouldn’t bleed through. So pretty much you could go in one room and dance your ass off to some Drum and Bass or you could go break your neck in the main room.

  I made sure to get there early because I heard about Denver having a whole bunch of amazing local talent and I didn’t want to miss a single soul. Just as I expected, every local opener killed it. From Tyrant to DJEWW to Fort Collin’s very own Sektah, we couldn’t stop dancing. Sektah did an exceptional job. I was told by our Charlotte Division to keep an eye out for him in particular.

   There was a lot of Deep Dubstep being played and it set the vibe perfectly.  Everyone had their own unique style so it was nice seeing everything stay fresh all night. There was a pretty decent size crowd right off the bat and it only got bigger as the night went on.  The visuals were pretty cool but the main attraction was the absolute insane sound. I have no clue what brand the speakers were but let me say this, they were without a doubt the best speakers I have been exposed to at a Dubstep show, and that’s saying something. The highs were crisp and the lows rattled your chest. That alone made me want to return the the Black Box.

      Things got very interesting as soon as Sektah hit the stage. He went straight into the heavy tunes and didn’t let up once. Doubles into doubles into doubles; the young DJ definitely on fire. He played an absolutely insane remix of Haunta & Invictious hit 2000EMU that got the crowd really rowdy. I pray this mans shares that ID one day. The crowd was going mental and getting bigger by the minute as everyone waited for the Butcher himself to come take the stage.

Shot by Sydney Santana

  In the blink of an eye, the huge moment that everyone was waiting for finally arrived. I was shocked when Shiverz and Obey both hit the stage simultaneously for an incredible b2b right off the bat. The instagram videos don’t lie. Shiverz truly has a knack for live performance. I was blown away by the clean transitions as Shiverz and Obey repeatedly passed each other a pair of headphones to prep the next track. I was secretly hoping that Da Force would make a mysterious appearance before the end of the night. A man can dream right?

     Without a doubt I will be returning to the Black Box for future events. The vibes were beautiful, the crowd had a blast, and the sound was great. Everything was extremely well organized and everyone was very professional which was a nice change of pace from many events that I’ve been to in the past. While this show was an absolute blast, I can never get the incredible memories that Shiverz and Starwars Themed dub duo Da Force created for us last year during the Chop City Tour. Maybe it was because this was my first time seeing the Butcher perform, or maybe it was the song selection and vibes, but nevertheless, if you ever get the chance to catch either Shiverz or Obey in a town near you, I highly recommend you go. I mean do you even chop bro?

And now, and interview with The Butcher:

Shiverz! For all our friends in Colorado and on the East Coast, can you tell us who first gave you your nickname “Da butcher”?
The person that gave me the name Dabutcher was mans Beezy from Hench. We were at a radio station one day and he just came up with it Dabutcher, easy frank. Loool.
You’re a family man correct? Have you gotten your wife or children involved in your production in any way?
Well the kids just play about on the decks sometime. As for the Mrs, she doesn’t know what’s happening but it’s fun to get them to try it out.

For those who don’t know, can you tell us how the Monsters Crew began and who were the founding members?


Monsters started in AD’s house a few years back. It was put together by AD, Curzed, Shades and myself. We live in the same area so we thought ‘Let’s make a collective and see what happens.’
How did you grow such a close relationship with Obey?

Me and Obey met in 2011 at rave in Nijmegen. From then I’ve been going back a forward to Holland, not just for shows but to see him and a few others. I’ve just kept in contact and made him a Monster a few years later. Now he is Yung Butcher certified.

We’ve noticed you’ve stopped at several cities for the Shelling Season Tour. Which have been your top 3 cities so far?


The 3 cities I’d say, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.
How do you feel about Webster Hall in NYC shutting down?
New York was my 1st time being there and playing there and it was lit. 1st appearance at Webster hall for the both of us and it was fucking crazy man but it a shame that there closing it down to make it into a mainstream club dead that lol

Does Gram Greene go hard?


Gram green is a really nice guy away from that camera ? lool. We chilled with him for like 5 or 6 days and it was a blessing.

What kind of advice do you have for young folk who may be having a hard time getting off the streets? It seems to be a growing problem this day an age.

The advice I would give to these young ones is do you and don’t be a sheep ? and follow others. Have a back bone and stand up for a yourself. The word NEVER don’t mean sh*t to me. If you want it bad enough hard work pays off.

What kind of releases can we expect from you?
We have a bunch of new music coming out on the Monsters Label this year!

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