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shwiLLy is *secretly* The Colorado Green Being

I think it’s really special that I get to live in a world where aliens such as shwiLLy exist. Sometime last year I made a very unique discovery in the realm of Experimental Bass that led my team and I to actually bring out the mysteriously wonky artist to the Queen City. A great man decided to pack his bags and leave his home in Huntsville, Alabama to explore a very spiritual and influential part of the country better known as Denver. After discovering tracks such as “Why U MAD?”, “Flip the Switch” and “Wooked on a Feeling,” I realized that this extraterrestrial makes all the sounds that I want to hear after a long day of working with the good people of Earth. One thing led to another, and shwiLLy decided to release his banger co-produced with Thew, “Chokehold” with Charlotte Sessions Audio. But when the subject came of putting out a weird 4/20 mix for everyone to enjoy, shwiLLy was one hundred percent about it. We are very proud to share the fourth installment of the Charlotte Sessions Mix series: “The Colorado Green Being.”

The Colorado Green Being shows off some of shwiLLy’s most unique tunes, with a lot of music by other members of the Spicy Bois and the underground world of experimental bass music. shwiLLy also shares a few heavy IDs he’s conjured up with sky suite and FRESH BVKED. Not to mention heavy doses of Hip-Hop with a little bit of Riddim and underground filth sprinkled in the middle.

Roll one up, light it up, and pass it around. Happy belated 4/20 from all of us at Charlotte Sessions Audio!


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