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Sick of Earth? Take off to Space with Liquid Stranger’s new EP Polarity.

     I always say that Electronic Music is the future and we are just the pioneers. If you wanted to hear what that exact future sounds like…Liquid Stranger just released it earlier this November with his new EP, Polarity.

The EP starts off strong with “Meteor Ride” by teasing the whole theme of the album with a hypnotic voice that repeats, “traveling with me” right into a faster paced drop that takes you right through the stars. When I first listened to the six track long journey my first initial thought was, “Okay yeah, I’ll gladly be abducted”.

     Not only does this EP stay true to the Sweden native’s spacey downtempo sound, but he brings in some help from friends Shlump, Bleep Bloop, Pistol and Freddy Todd to give this project an extra touch. Not to mention, we get “Gunslinger part II”?! Bless you Liquid Stranger. The part II reminds me heavily of the structure to the Sofa Surfin remix from 2017. It combines a lot of the same sound but switches up the order of the voice clips to make it a completely different song that still keeps a familiar theme. Once you hear this in your headphones you’re going to crave it live, so you’ll definitely want to check up on his tour dates this winter.

    My personal favorite track on the EP? “Paranoid.” Easy. However, I am always biased to the filthier sound that makes me scrape the bass from the ground up…shout out to the guy at Shaky Beats from this past May in the crowd that called me a “Bass Scraper”. If you’re reading this, I still have your kandi!

I’ll see you weirdos in Outer Space, xx Colleen


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