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Sitting Down With Minnesotan Dubstep Warrior “FAYTE” [Exclusive Interview]

Over the past few years, I have had the absolute pleasure of studying and learning about a variety of the unique Bass music producers that drive our underground scene out of the depths of this Bass haven of a universe. What I truly love the most about this incredible scene is the culture and variety among the producers that push the boundaries of sound on a daily basis. I really enjoy learning about the origins of any producer that I respect and admire – it’s safe to say that I have extreme joy in having uncovered the likes of Minnesota bass mongrel, FAYTE, a little less than two years ago. Tim Johnson, is a true staple in the underground bass music community, and I cannot wait to see what direction his passion, FAYTE, takes this year! Without further ado, we now present you our exclusive interview with the one, and only FAYTE!

Hello there Tim! I hope you’re doing well brother! How did you get your start in producing Dubstep music? Do you play any instruments as well?

Fayte: Hey thereWhen I first started producing I was making Hardstyle and Progressive House. Which I still love both to this day. The first time I came across Dubstep was watching a Battlefield montage video, and the song they used was ‘Borgore – Guided Relaxation Dub’. My father and my uncles on his side listen to a lot of Metal, Rock, and Hip Hop so I grew up with those styles of music. So when I heard Guided Relaxation Dub it immediately grabbed my attention. I never heard anything like it but it all sounded very familiar from my Metal/Rock background growing up. The eerie intro, the double kick peddles, the crash/ride cymbals, and the beautifully disgusting sounds of the basses/synths. After hearing that song I started studying many artists like Bar9, Rusko, Dodge & Fuski, Trolley Snatcha, xKore, Skism, and of course Borgore just to name a few. As well as watching countless YouTube tutorials to craft these sounds.I haven’t played too many instruments. I played clarinet and bass clarinet in middle school. I dabbled in guitars for a little bit nothing crazy. However, I’d love to learn piano the most. I’ve been studying a lot of music theory recently because it helps with producing on it’s own. Speeding up the process of writing songs, also being able to experiment with different structures of notes and being able to create beautiful/catchy chords and melodies.

That’s incredible! Borgore’s remix of Passion Pit’s “Sleepyhead” was my introduction to Dubstep. When you’re creating music, where do you draw inspiration from?

Fayte: Funny enough I actually don’t listen to a lot of Dubstep/Riddim. I mean, I do. But I don’t go out and try to find new stuff as often as I probably should. Most of the time it’s ECTO showing me new music he’s come across. I’m mostly listening to Future House, Jungle Terror and anything that just sounds happy with a lot of bounce and flow. The reason why I don’t listen to a lot of Dubstep is because when I did about a year ago, I felt like I was starting to sound like everyone else. I moved away from the melodic intros, and went super simple with all of my music. It just didn’t feel gratifying to me. I grab inspiration from lots of things with different elements of my songs. For my intros and breaks I pull a lot of inspiration from Future House, and watching some Anime. I’m a sucker for beautiful/catchy melodies and chord progression. The drops I tailor to the intro, and give it a lot of flow and bounce. However, depending on what I’m wanting to make, the inspirations will change.

That’s the beauitful thing about this life, everyone has their own methods of writing music! Random question, how’s the weather like in your neck of the woods?

Fayte: Luckily the weather is fairly nice right now (to me). We often get a lot of snow in my area and temperatures sat around 23 *F. I’m really dreading the rest of January/February because that’s the time of year the weather goes into the single, and often times negative temperatures. The snow doesn’t bother me, I actually quite enjoy it. I just don’t like the freezing cold temperatures. I hate the cold the most when you have to go somewhere and in my car it’s equally as cold as it is outside, so you’re freezing your ass off for 5-10 minutes trying to drive while the car warms up.

This is a big one brother. How did the idea behind the WARRIORS crew come about?

Fayte: In the beginning of my career, when I had around 500 followers on Soundcloud, the crew ‘Wizards’ were looking for people to recruit. I loved all of their music, and still do. At the time The Wizards were one of the most recognizable crews next to Monsters, and I sent my music to them. Shortly after that, I got accepted to join them, and I spent a couple years with the crew. They were some of my first friends in the scene. They helped me grow and become the producer I am today. Once I started to grow more and meet a lot of different artists, I eventually wanted to step down from The Wizards and allow someone else to take my position to help that person grow. I also wanted to start my own crew and do what the Wizards did for me to other artists. So it kind of worked out. So that’s how I started the Warriors.

How did each member of the WARRIORS crew get initiated? Do you guys have a special ritual or do you go to a Mexican restaurant and order mango margaritas?

Fayte: We don’t really have any crazy initiation process. We just have to vibe with their personality, and music. Unfortunately we don’t have any special rituals because we’re all scattered throughout the US, and ECTO is in Canada. We’ll hang out with each other when they get booked for shows together or whenever someone plays in our individual areas. But I definitely want us to get together much more often.

LONG LIVE THE WARRIORS. What’s the story behind your new tune “Paralysis”? What can you tell us about the folks at Interval Audio?

Fayte: Paralysis was a lot of fun to make. The owner of Interval hit me up asking if I’d want to be on the compilation and I agreed. He told me the compilation would consist of dark, evil vibed tracks. So I was up for the challenge! I always love working with them. Not only is Troy (label owner) an amazing guy, but all of the artists that release regularly are all incredibly talented.

 A big Oi to that and to Interval Audio! What are some of your other hobbies? What other beautiful aspects of life you do you enjoy studying / investing your time in?
Fayte: Video Games mostly. In particular I’ve been playing a lot of this game called ‘Osu’ the past few months and trying to get better. But it’s not the only game I play, I’ll play just about anything really. I’ve also been really getting into Anime recently, and that’s been a lot of fun because it’s all still very new to me.

The perfect past times! I heard Minnesota has a really nice music scene. What can you tell us about some other producers, local promoters and the events that drive musical culture where you’re from?

Fayte: The music scene here is awesome. There isn’t tons of underground support like LA, but we have individual shows from: Troyboi, 12th Planet, Modestep, Emalkay, San Holo, Virtual Riot, Pegboard Nerds, Dodge & Fuski, Riot Ten, and AC Slater all playing just played here recently. I’ve only ever met a few local producers, but they were awesome and very passionate about their craft. The local promoters I’ve met are incredible. Very nice, welcoming, and they take good care of the artists.

Who are some producers that you would like to work with this 2019?

Fayte: Phiso would definitely be one of them. I’ve listened to his music for years and ever since he started playing out my song ‘Frostmourne’ at his shows I feel like it’s slightly more of a possibility now than before. There’s a lot of people I want to collab with this year, this list would be a bit too long.

I built a Riddim Rock temple at Phiso’s set at Lost Lands, I understand the love for this man! What’s a fun/unexpected memory from one of your shows+

Fayte:  I haven’t decided to play any shows yet, so unfortunately I don’t have any moments.
Maybe that will change this 2019 What can we expect from Fayte this year?
Fayte: Now that 2019 is here, I’ll be releasing lots of singles, and an album.

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