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Skrillex Is Back [New EP Release]

But has he truly ever left? One of the most powerful staples in Electronic and Dubstep music history has finally released a new EP that has caught the attention of Bass lovers from all corners of this planet. A few weeks ago my buddy sent me a mighty Al Ross remix of Skrillex‘ new collab with Troyboi, appropriately known as “WARLORDZ.” So when everyone started talking about the brand new Skrillex EP that recently dropped online, I had pieced it all together thinking that he had created a Riddim project – but I was far from correct.

I’ll never forget the day that my buddy Sammy Citrus and I drove Getter almost four hours in dangerous snowstorm conditions (Wisconites and Illinoians would laugh) – he was teaching Sammy a lot of tips and tricks that Skrillex has personally shown him in the past. Whenever I listen to the first tune of the Show Tracks EP, I get the feeling that this was the kind of sound that Skrillex has been sharing with his friends the past few years.

Fuji Opener” almost makes me feel like I’ve embarked on a mysterious flight to an island of Skrillex’s choosing – the first part of the track represents the bliss and relaxation that one would feel cruising through the air on their way to one of the best underground parties of their life. The inexplicably nasty drop represents our successful landing on this incredible party island, as producers like Chime, Jayceeoh, and Virtual Riot give us that rapid style an eclectic live experience that we’ve come to enjoy over the past several years. Skrillex teamed up with non other than Washington D.C.’s very own Alvin Risk to bring forth this incredible tune to the ragers all over the world.

On the other hand, “Mumbai Power” carries a more relaxing tone that showcases the feelings that surge inside our heads as we discover a beautiful soul that has been missing from our life until this incredibly, passionate moment. His collaborator on this project, Beam, is a rapper from the great city of Atlanta, who delivers a funky and zealous verse right before the second part of the song kicks in. You will definitely be dancing in your place whenever you finally decide to hit those play buttons – Skrillex and his friends went above and beyond to create these new jams that will buzz all over the world for years to come.

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– Zyven

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