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Slander Pushes Boundaries With New Post Malone Remix

  You know that feeling when you have absolutely no idea on EARTH how to explain with words
the incredible way something or someone makes you feel? I can’t shake this feeling; and I’ll always will be, in love with music for that exact reason. As of recent, it seems that our generation is constantly being blessed with astonishing music that takes our breath away and dots our skin with goosebumps. The Los Angeles based duo Slander was my first introduction to electronic music and since then the two heaven trap engineers have perfected their craft into something that now quite literally changes lives.

  Unfortunately, up until their set at EDC Orlando this year, I hadn’t been able to catch one of their live performances ever since I saw them at the Ritz Amphitheater in Tampa, FL back in 2015. With no hesitation, I can easily say their EDC set was one of the best performances I have ever seen. Two songs, equally as incredible yet entirely opposite, stuck out to me.

    At this moment, I struggle to explain their new remix or why I love it so much. Don’t get me wrong, I live for disgusting dubstep and fracturing my spine whenever I get the chance, but this tune still has me at a complete loss of words. Its tough to describe just why I love it so much, so I think an explanation of my first experience hearing this incredible tune might do.

     Thousands of fans were gathered at Tinker Field’s bass stage as they raged along to Slander straight up slaughtering their set. Seamlessly, though, the moment the music stopped and the piano intro to Post Malone’sI Fall Apart” drifted throughout the Circuit Grounds, the crowd hummed quiet with an unforgettably screaming bliss. As Post began to cry out the chorus, hearts all throughout the crowd received a quick piercing straight through, and I could literally feel the awe that overflowed from all of Slander’s supporters. Then, as the piano stopped and Post Malone’s ode permeated the air, morphed by Slander’s divine touch into something nothing less than spiritual, it was unlike anything I had ever experienced before.

     My spirit was being lifted from my body and I knew I wasn’t the only one. Left and right, jaws dropped as if an angel itself had appeared on stage. Then, timed nothing less than perfect, the piano, the drums, and buildup,
began to rise along with the awestruck spirits – they had a firm grip on and the most incredible future bass production I have ever experienced erupted from the fierce sound system. From that point on, I can only describe the experience as heavenly. Immediately after the festival had ended, I was left praying that they would release the remix soon thereafter. It had been stuck in my head for several days and, right when I thought I couldn’t wait any longer, Slander released their remix of “I Fall Apart” on SoundCloud. I’m not positive this song will hit you as hard as it hits me every single time I listen, but I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

Not a future bass fan? Well, please do not fret. The Slander boys have something for everyone.

   If for a second you thought their set at EDCO was simply music for the heart, you’ve got another thing coming. In the midst of an insane energy every artist had possessed that final EDC night, the boys not only brought the ice, but they brought the FIRE.  Teaming up with Sullivan Kingdubstep’s favorite screamer, Slander dropped this intense neck-braking tune to show they are entirely versatile in all states of emotion. As soon as I heard Sullivan King’s penetrating scream, I basically swam through the crowd to the rails and assumed the position… You all know the happened next.

 So, whether you feel like vibing out or just simply letting out some built up steam, these two guys have something for you. Cheers to the both of you, Slander. For not only slaying the Circuit Grounds, but for releasing these two phenomenal tunes soon to follow. I will truly be forever grateful for the work you and all the other DJ’s in the game do to help us forget about the world around us for even just a few moments.





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