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     Oddly enough, it seems like I’m doing the song a disservice by writing in lowercase font, but I’ll subdue my obnoxious tendencies to save everyone the eyesore. Now who’s ready for a gnarly new collaboration between Slander and SAYMYNAME. 

    The only thing there is not to like about the two GENIUS sound engineers from Los Angeles, known as SLANDER, is that they consistently release fire music and force you to have to keep seeing them live. What a pain right? But seriously, these guys have a toe dipped in practically every single genre of Electronic Dance Music. From Heaven Trap to Dubstep, Future Bass, Hardstyle, and now even Hard Festival Trap, it seems like the guys are trying to create an unforgettable live experience no matter who’s watching or what Electronic background they come from (who would’ve thought?!). I have the utmost respect for this duo because of their ability to deliver some of the highest quality production in the industry with not just one specific genre but everything they put their energy into. It’s truly a testament to their determination and devotion to making their vision a reality.


     I don’t know about all of you, but I love it when artists create exactly what they envision. SAYMYNAME is definitely one of those artists. I actually had the opportunity of seeing this dude live in 2016 at RARE Orlando as an opener and to say the absolute least it was an incredible set. Fast forward two years and he’s gained a massive following, played in front of insane crowds, and now he’s collaborating with one of the biggest names in EDM.

     “I Can’t Escape is certainly a banger.  While it’s distinct and intense sound might not be an everyday listen, I think SLANDER and SAYMYNAME knew exactly what they were trying to do when they stepped in the studio. Teaming up with (in my opinion) the man who pretty much single-handedly pioneered hard festival trap, the duo created a tune that will undoubtedly mutilate crowds in a live setting. Also, LA based vocalist, Feli Ferraro’s absolutely slayed her part of the tune – her vocals are to die for. If you’re looking for a song to either A. pump superset reps of max weight to or B. get revenge at your neighbor for his daily Taylor Swift jam sesh, then this is the song for you. I’m excited to see what the future holds for each one of them.

Much love to my fellow basstronauts,

-Tristan Waters

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