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Good day and what’s poppin’ to YOU, the kind soul who’s taking the time to check out what I think are some of the most grade A slaps currently busting through the bass scene airways. Bear with me, there’s some serious heat worth sharing. 

For the first track we turn the sauce meter two notches above redline to find this spicy heater “Flex“, graced to the public by Canadian bass music label Emengy. With consistent releases of tracks like this one, the label continues to prove that they know a thing or two about low end frequency. More specifically, the type of low end that douses your eardrums with lava and brings out your most primitive instinct to flex. The track’s title perfectly captures what it seems the experimental bass engineers behind this inarguably massive track are attempting to do, and without hesitation, I can proudly grant a Charlotte Sessions certified SLAPPER for these two swanky fellows. L*o*J and THRPY, thanks for flexing on us.

I’m truly very sorry for thrusting so many pure unadulterated SLAPS on your midweek mental, but it absolutely had to be done. A collaboration between upcoming bass mongers yojas. and montycler wreaks of the exact stench we live for here at TCS. Brace your ‘brainzzz‘ for this atmospherically robust experimental trap head knocker and thank me later.

With each release, the Louisiana wub thug responsible for this wonky rendition of Gucci Mane’s “Stupid” builds his representation as one of the biggest artists to watch in the upcoming months. His track “burr“, along with the rest of his discography, impressively retains immaculate drip while pushing the accepted boundaries of sound design. Coating an undeniably crisp flow with sounds that can only be described as extra-terrestrial, it’s impossible not to love bàwldyWhen I hear his distinct sound I immediately imagine a jolly alien, pimp walking through a swamp, unloading the nastiest of wubs from a gold plated super soaker. Witnessing the swamp water in his veins with my own eyes/ears, this Louisiana native holds nothing back on stage either. As he begins to pile up (long-overdue) performances across the country, (including an opening slot at Buku Music & Arts Festival) the American people/aliens are finally getting the opportunity to experience the wubtastic wubbles of bawldy and all of their beautifully disgusting glory.

[check out his most recent track in which he transforms into a frog and eats some flies. “Weh“]

Taking a bit of a dark turn from the previous vibes, I couldn’t resist adding this next track, “Sleep Forever” by SWARM featuring Lizzy Jane. To understand this dark industrialist connoisseur, try to imagine attending a horror movie except you aren’t actually at a theater… but a music venue. Swarm has an incredibly epic ability to envelope heavy, plangent basses within dark, theatrical, melodically morbid atmospheres, and continues to master his talents in the dark arts with every release.


If the sounds of Swarm weren’t already enough to snatch your soul, one of the most talented new DJ’s i’ve seen Lizzy Jane, premiers her own voice to push forth an even deeper, darker, and more gripping emotional texture.

Be on the watch for these two in the near future… don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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To a copious amount of slaps for years to come,

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