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The Charlotte Sessions Heads to MMW (Snailed It!)

Miami, We’re Here!

   These past couple of weeks have been a great time for live music history in the US; while Buku Fest took place in New Olreans last week, this week SXSW (South By South West) has completely taken over Austin, Texas. But now Miami Music Week is here! Every year hundreds of thousands of fans from all over the globe gather in the Magic City for a week filled with several insane live music events. Some people know this week as the countdown to Ultra Music Festival which always lasts from Friday to Sunday on MMW, and features some of the most popular headliners in the world of EDM like DJ Snake, Avicii, Zedd, and Deadmau5 among many more.

     While we weren’t able to make it to the festival itself, we did find a good reason to come down this gorgeous city known for partying till dawn. Tonight, one of Montreal’s finest producers, and now a seemingly huge crowd favorite, SNAILS, is throwing his first ever Snailed It event, featuring a multitude of insane producers which, as MMW tradition calls for, have not been announced yet.


   Have you ever seen Snails live? He’s not the kind of guy you EVER want to miss if you find out he’s coming to your city. I mean, we did just drive halfway down the country to come see him. Watch this crowd of tens of thousands of fans cheer on the king of VomitStep in Miami yesterday at Ultra. Oh and not to mention there’s secret OWSLA after party taking place immediately after Snailed It. We have a SERIOUS feeling that Getter and Mija will be throwing down on the decks at some point between the 4-8am event. We’ve always wanted to see Mija, and we haven’t seen Getter since we brought him out to his debut North Carolina show in January.

     Tonight will definitely go down in history as one of the craziest parties The Charlotte Sessions will ever experience. Stay tuned for the photos and videos!


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–   Zyven

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