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Snails & Botnek Redefine the Meaning of “Waffle House” – Insane New Video

Toxic Cheeseburgers Return: 

      As if the internet couldn’t get any weirder..  We never thought this would ever be imagined by any human being living on this planet, but it seems that Montreal based producer Snails and the Nova Scotian production duo Botnek left this planet a long time ago. The OWSLA based producers recently teamed up with director Ernest Desumbila and Sausage TV to put together an incredibly well directed video filled with hungry zomibfied-animated food, a He-Man look-a-like actor, a sleazy director, guns & explosions, and plenty of good action shots. This is the first collab between both Canadian parties since their 2016 single “Happy Hour.”

     Their video primarily consists of several violent scenes involving rampant food such as pizza, cheeseburgers, and waffles which come to life and kill off the human population. The first zombie-human-food spawned due to an disease that infected the poor girl’s cheeseburger. After a team of survivors come together to stop the disease from spreading, an actor gives a touching attempt at a serious “Survivor Speech” which almost seemed like a message from the producers themselves. “We are survivors, we are sons of hope, this is our place, this is our planet.. our nation.. we will not be defeated!” and in a matter of seconds he… **(SPOILER)**  Watch the video below and support the OWSLA boys!

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