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My slugs and slugettes, please start your engines! The race of the year is now commencing – and your head contender, SNAILS, of Montreal, is ready for his challengers! What’s the name of this dangerously thrilling race you ask? Welcome to the INDY SHELL 500 – The Remixes. As I’m sure many of you know, last year marked the release of Snails’ debut album, The Shell. Thankfully, the slug master took the chance to seek out some of the filthiest bassliens to hit the face of this planet for the new remix album, and fans are going absolute nuts. Do the names Svdden Death, Funtcase, Mastadon or IVORY get you hype? Let’s take a look at a few of these remixes that almost knocked over my speakers.

Into the Light (Ft. Sarah Hudson) – Soltan Remix
How many heavy hitting Bass producers from the middle East can you name? The don of all dons, the underground Dubstep marauder from Tehran, the SOLTAN, has taken the initiative to create his own filthy rendition of my favorite tune off the Shell. I really think that Sarah Hudson’s voice produces some of the most beautiful sounds I have ever heard – mix it in with Snails’ incredible knack for creating music, and Soltan’s heavy hitting, crunchy style and you’ve got one hell of a remix.

To The Grave (Ft. HYYTD & MAX) – Ivory & Kompany Remix
Oh goodness gracious my friends. What do you get when one of Los Angeles’ rising acts such as Kompany, teams up with the Paris Bass mongrel IVORY to tackle on a remix of “To The Grave“? Well in Charlotte, most of us tend to lose our complete minds whenever we hear a track as filthy as this unique Snails’ remix. I had to hit the rewind button a few times just so I could relive that grotesque drop once more. Definitely worth the listen!

Forever (Ft. Dion Timmer) – Funtcase Remix
As if this remix album wasn’t deadly enough already! The slug king wanted to make sure that we got the fattest dose of heavy artillery Dubstep, and that’s why he included the Bournemouth masked Bass killa, Funtcase, on this new project! There’s no doubt in my mind that Funty is capable of remixing any tune he wants, and turning a masterpiece like “Forever” into a filthy swamp, cyborg growling Bass filled paradise is just one of his many tricks! Smash that play button and hear it for yourself, you won’t regret it.

Those are just a few of the many remixes that this fantastic new project contains! Other projects include remixes by Kill the Noise, UBUR, Space Jesus, Virtual Riot, and Megalodon! These tunes are not to be taken lightly my friends! Now my question for you is this… Are you ready to see SNAILS drop all these filthy tunes in a live setting? Well you’re in luck. The slugmiester is touring all over the United States on his infamous The Shell 2.0 tour! Look at all those insane stops – my Carolina fam will definitely want to keep their calendar open for November 7th @ The Firmament in Greenville, SC and November 10th at the Fillmore in Charlotte, NC! I’m very glad that heavy hitters Svdden Death and UBUR will be joining SNAILS for this filthy experience! And now, we wait…

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