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So We Heard You Like Riddim Tampa Spotlight: Bonker

It takes a very special soul to get on stage and show off all of his wild Riddim friendly abilities, but for Orlando based heavy hitter BONKER, stepping up the the platinum Riddim plate of doom seems to be absolutely no problem at all. Moving down to Florida has taught me that this: a lot of people in the sunshine state enjoy getting weird to the most robotic and confusing sub genre of Dubstep, and I absolutely love it. What made me really excited about having Bonker perform at our show was the mere fact that Evan recommended him and validated his monstrous talent. But it seems like Bonker has been gaining a lot more traction outside of his beautiful home state than what he may let on.

I really love this tweet because it was created by my Riddim loving brother from Illinois. The simple fact is that Bonker has been working tirelessly to spread his style to as many esrs as possible. From destroying Gram Greene’s very first event held in the beautiful town of Montreal, to recently shutting down the streets of New York City and Waukegan, there’s no telling where this man’s talent will take him. If you want to set off on a true Bonker journey, we suggest hitting play on the mix below! We hope to see you all at the TK Lounge in Tampa next Saturday to catch the likes of Bonker, CHMST, Renzo, and many other great artists who love Riddim as much as you and I do. You can click here to Purchase a Ticket! See you all in the pit on March 21st! We’re getting big time bonked out friends!


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– Zyven (The Riddim Professor)

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