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So We Heard You Like Riddim Tampa Artist Spotlight: Chimera

From my Monsters Riddim t-shirt encounter at Forbidden Kingdom I ended up meeting three members of the Sweeties crew. While in fact, the dude wearing the shirt told me his favorite Monster was Nugg, I ended up shaking Chimera’s hand first. He was really friendly from the start, and had no problem introducing me to the rest of the Sweeties who are also playing the Riddim show on March 21st. Chimera was wearing some pink retro 80s friendly glasses and a poncho to protect him from withering away into a billion dubplates and tiny spheres of energy and swag. From the moment I met the Pompano Beach based Sweetie, I knew that we were going to get along greatly. Now I’m beyond excited to catch him mix. The best way I can suggest for you folks to get ready for the insanity that Chimera has in store for all of you is to check out his most recent mini mix! It’s chalk full of fire drops and a few unruly chops. You can Purchase a Ticket Here to see Chimera go back to back with Envy, Nugg, and Zapato and catch other incredible acts such as CHMST, Renzo, and Tasconix!

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– Zyven (The Riddim Professor)

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