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So We Heard You Like Riddim Tampa Artist Spotlight: Nugg

How is it that a simple question about somebody’s shirt would lead to meeting three members of the Sweeties crew? I kid you not, I was walking around the main stage area at Forbidden Kingdom when I saw this guy wearing a Monsters shirt. I asked him who his favorite member of the Monsters crew was. and while I was waiting for an answer like Infekt or Akirah, he ended up saying the most unexpected thing ever, Nugg.

I was beyond surprised to be meeting three out of the four dedicated member of the SWEETIES crew who are set to perform at our debut Tampa Riddim function, but that’s just an incredible example of how this universe works in mysterious ways. Nugg was the tallest of all the Sweeties who gave me a hug that afternoon. He flashed a huge smile my way as he introduced himself – from that very moment I knew he was the right guy for our special evening in Tampa. While his beanie sat high and his gauges ran deep, all I could imagine was Nugg rinsing out some of his originals such as “Spice” and “Issa Knife“! If you’d like to catch this madman play back to back Zapato, Chimera and Envy, along legends like CHMST and Renzo, then click Here to Purchase a Ticket today.

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– Zyven (The Riddim Professor)

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