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[Concert Announcement] Bogtrotter @ New Mountain AVL 4.14.17

     Looking for something fun to do Friday night? Have you always had an interest in experimental, funky, electronic music? Well then this SoGnar Presents organized concert might be right up your alley. These guys are always known to push boundaries with their events, by bringing some of the freshest, and most unique artists to North Carolina. Desert Dwellers, Yheti, and Space Jesus are just a few of the many acts that SoGnar has brought to our sweet southern state.

     April 14th marks the that SoGnar Presents brings the psychedelic hip-hop guru Bogtrotter at New Mountain AVL with support from Digital Rust, Push/Pull, and Hyperbolic Headspace. Bogtrotter, who some have lovingly referred to as “Tipper’s evil twin,” has swiftly become an icon in the budding scene of highly representative psychedelic music that seeks to actually emulate parts of the “transcendent experience.” Bogtrotter achieves this degree of mind-melting by combining a multi-layered IDM aesthetic with an innovative, dub-inspired low end and a lurching, danceable breakbeat style which makes it nearly impossible to stand still. He is sure to have you shaking your booty and questioning your existence, most likely at the same time.


   If you need more convincing, check out Bogtrotter’s latest EP, Immersions, featuring amongst others a remix of Digital Rust‘s “Time Out of Mind.” With both of these artists on the bill tonight, who knows what kind of synergy they will create on stage? This is a very exciting event being held in a city that sports a thriving scene for experimental dance music. So as some would say, “the hype is real.” We hope to see you there!

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