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DJ of the Day (0018): Soltan

The Soltan. It’s About Damn Time

Last night around 2 in the morning, I was sitting in my room aimlessly staring at my computer trying to pick today’s DJ of the Day. While jamming to some late-night dubstep like I usually do, (Cool guy I know right?) I discovered something that I felt like I heard at a random rave a few months ago in Who Knows What City.

    Soltan.. Soltan, that sounds like a DJ name right? As The Dub Rebellion (Youtube Series) blasted one of their mid-summer releases all I could think of was “who is Soltan”? If you didn’t know Sultan is an arabic term that means “a Muslim sovereign.” And a sovereign is someone of power, a monarch, a ruler; so will Soltan become the future King of Dubstep? You tell me. He’s crafted a new sound in a country that has almost no influence or a background in electronic music.

    Given the online restrictions in Iran, it’s amazing to see someone step up to show how his country, culture, and lifestyle has proudly influenced his music regardless of restrictions. I learned a lot about Iran in an article I read off the Huffington Post that shed light on the political struggle that exists for an everyday musician like Soltan, who simply wants to share his new unique sound with the world. Last month he has a single with Spanish dubstep and bass music producer EH!DE which has over 200K views now. Soltan is a hustler, that’s for sure. Check out the collab, “Going To Fak” below. 

    Congratulations to our DJ of the Day. Soltan, you are the man, don’t stop doing what you love; keep it up for life, we got your back. We’ll be there rocking out in the crown during your first North Carolina show, even if it takes a few years to work out!

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–   Zyven

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