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Something Weird With: Sumthin Sumthin

 I’m a very grateful person – for many reasons, I believe we are all blessed. But I want to focus my appreciation on all of the love that the SoundCloud gods have been showing me recently – I’m excited to share such a fantastically raw piece of musical bliss with you all today. As much as I love stumbling upon bouncy new Riddim and head thrashing Dubstep tunes, I was hit with quite the peculiar concoction of serene yet sizzling wonk sounds mixed in with a dash of melodic energy.

While I have briefly heard of the producer Sumthin Sumthin in past 4 am festival conversations with my friends, after discovering his newest FUXWITHIT Premiere, I am beyond excited to get to know the craft that this man has proudly shared with the world. Folks I’m thrilled to share this extremely unique piece of music titled “Home” – it is a true surprise filled with wonder, mystery and grimey thrill.

I also want to share a bonus tune that Sumthin Sumthin released on a Philly based label known as Jadū Dala. I hope that I hear his newest single, “Gryme”, the second I walk through the gates of Electric Forest. This tune carries the special feeling that you’re stumbling through a Bass jungle, getting weird with your closest friends as you follow the sound of the filthiest wubs known to man. Enjoy!


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All You Need In Life Is a Lil Sumthin Sumthin

– Zyven

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