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Atlanta Producers Put Together New SPACE FORCE EP


   I really appreciate it whenever friends from far away places put me on to new music, especially when the new discovery makes me want to headbang, stomp around my room, or even take it to the streets to bounce around and dance. Take it from a Bass music fanatic from Georgia when he tells you “You’ve gotta check out this new project me and my buddies just put together.” Every producer that I’ve met from Atlanta has always proven their dedication to spreading great quality music like a wildfire – and the five new projects that have slipped into the universe on the new Space Force EP are a true testament to this love and passion. Or maybe these go getters from the A are simply putting together the perfect concoction of wubs and Bass that President Trump can blast for his newly developed idea of a Space Force, the sixth branch of the United States military.

 Nevertheless, whether the Space Force actually takes up arms to the stratosphere, as they prepare to defend our nation for whatever unimaginable evils may come our way, we’ll be down here on Earth raging out to the new Space Force EP that was recently created by four great producers and one top notch duo from the Big Peach. This new compilation features peculiar, wonkfied, extraterrestrial that will take each of us on a special, dangerous trek through our innate desire to fly up with the Space Force and defeat (or befriend) aliens from all over the galaxy. The project opens up with the hysterical statement that our current president made regarding the concept of starting a Space Force in our nation! You can thank Archmage for this shockingly lazer packed 140 BPM breaker known as the “Space Force Anthem.” Grab your anti-dark matter suits folks! The Perma-Trip boys have put together and speedy wonkathon known as “Dark Energy” which may or may not save you for any threatening situation if played at the right frequency.

Leave it to Zubah and Grav to bring forth the strange, techy, shoulder bouncin’ tune that will give any soldier stationed on the moon an immediate sense of swagger – “Training Camp” ain’t no joke. Calling all “Roughnecks” calling all roughnecks! ReKlaim just created one of the hardest songs of the summer! And last, but certainly not least, we have a serious warning peering through our speakers! The base is under attack! What did our nation’s leaders think would happen when they sent up a Space Force to the moon! Captain Malik’sSmash the Base” will see your intergalactic journey come to an end – but don’t fret! You can surely expect several space-appropriate bangers from these A-town hustlers, because 2018 is far from over.

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Who’s ready to join the Space Force!

– Zyven

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