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Space Harmonics With G-Space [New Tune]

Welcome to the sound of a galactic camp out in space. Pairing the vibrations of Electronic Bass with the acoustic sounds of the harmonica, “Core Being” is a true treat to the ears – this is the second track off G-Space’s album “Snap Season: Vol. 1 which will be available everywhere on December 14th on a 40oz Collective. His experimental sound production takes you on to trip to a special jam session on a nearby planet, before hitting up the after party on the moon. As the harmonica blesses you with peaceful sounds, the beat keeps your head nodding – at 115 BPM, this track carries a soothing vibe, all while the bass and kick keeps a rhythmic interest. The song builds to a more intense solo done by G-Space’s Uncle Mike towards the middle, where you can feel the soul of the wind instrument and the bass beating away in the background, carrying you forward on this serene journey to a high-noon battle of a Westerner space frontier in the year 2050.

Take a moment of your day and give this tune a listen, and be sure to check out the rest of G-Space’s unique production and tranquil sounds as an experimental artist who loves to mix technology based sounds with a variety of acoustic instruments. Que harmonica solo and slow fade to black as I leave you here to decide your own path. Great job G-Space!

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– Rachel

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