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Listen to Space Laces’ New Singles If You Know What’s Good For You

    It is an undeniable fact that Space Laces has become a true force to be reckoned with in the Bass Music scene. The longtime Excision collaborator has dropped hit singles such as “Bugbass,” “Digital Gangsta” and “Get Stupid” with Destroid, to name a few of his larger productions. Space Laces has also managed to rack up collaborations with great producers such as Bro Safari, Downlink and Snails – the Louisville based producer has seen much success in getting his music played for crowds all over the world, including an exceptional performance at last year’s Lost Lands Music Festival, a first Space Laces experience for many fans, including yours truly.

 Today is a special day because I have managed to discover two new Space Laces tracks that showcase a unique style that you may not expect from the top notch producer. The first track titled Torque is that perfect “call to arms” single that you would play during a pregame, or before an important sporting event, to get you extremely pumped of course! Space Laces hit maximum velocity on this one – “Torque” showcases a fast paced nature, wonkified lazers and consistent vocal presence where Space Laces has random bursts of imaginary villains shouting unknown obscenities, a popular 90’s woo that can be found in any old school basketball movie soundtrack, and the man himself shouting “Bring in the ruckus like some mad mother f*ckas.” This Hybrid Trap heater is well worth the listen. Bust out your finest sound system and smash that play button today!

      Our Charlotte dubstep wrecking buddy Jordan Castle recently said that “Kaiju” was his favorite song. I can’t help but notice that the sexy dance-driven, highly technological nature to this new Space Laces single is exactly what groove monsters are looking for. The large horns usher in a short trap vibe near the two minute marker of the song, as Space Laces introduces a completely new understanding into the mind of the evil, big city murkin’ alien-worm known as Kaiju. Dancefloors will never be the same after this one.

    Like what you hear? These new projects are part of the new Overdrive EP that is set to release on Never Say Die Records on June 6th – so keep your ears peeled and keep it locked because Space Laces has something special up his sleeve for the masses! Who else is ready for another Space Laces Lost Lands performance? I could go for one right about now, but if I don’t get to see him sooner than later, you can bet your sweet keister I’ll be in Legend Valley the weekend of September 16th to catch this badmon once again. Please Give Space Laces a Like on Facebook if you like what he does!


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