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SpaceGhost is Back and Better Than Ever! [New Music Alert]

But did he ever really leave? If you’re a close friend of mine, then you know how much love I have for the hidden Vancouver, British Columbia specter, SpaceGhost. This is a story about evolution. What was once a timid bedroom producer has evolved into a live spectacle worth traveling ten hours to see in person. I’ll never forget the day I asked Sky Jonez if he would come down to Charlotte and play a show for the Riddim lovers of North Carolina. The response was simple: “I’ve never played a show.” Back then, it wasn’t the time. But when the winter rolled around and I told him about my plans to host a show on the other side of his country, his answer changed. After several months, SpaceGhost was finally ready to play his world debut concert in one of the most magical and wonkiest cities on this planet… Montreal. It was by far one of the wildest evenings I have ever experienced in my short life. Every riddimhead and headbanger in that room was blessed with countless hours of incredible music, wild chops, and unexpected drops. But most importantly, we got to hear bangers like “Riddim Dancer,” “Changes,” and “Riddim Dreamz.”

Even with such a great experience under the belt, the specter still went through a massive phase of writer’s bloc. Several months had gone by before SpaceGhost was good and ready to drop a new single. But he never gave up, every month I would get a few updates on some new tunes under works that needed proper feedback. While I’m no producer, I can certainly tell a buddy if he’s going in the right direction, or whether they need few extra sounds placed at the right moment. After hearing his Halsey sampled banger several times, SpaceGhost decided to show me other unreleased hits like “Big Selecta” and “27 Club.” But until a few days ago, I had never heard his newest release, “This Is It.” When I found out that OkregLucky from Poland was also behind the beat, featuring some bars from England’s MagMag, I knew that it was a wrap. But be careful, it’s a honker. After one listen you might want to take a trip down to the beach and do back flip with the dolphins. We hope you enjoy! Brace yourself for several new SpaceGhost bangers. including his release with Charlotte Sessions Audio on the new Seven Riddim Robots project coming out June 19th!

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