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[Concert Announcement] SQUNTO Live in Greenville 10.14.16

The Day Has Finally Come.

     Master of the Chopz, Lord of Bass & Dragon Choppa Supreme, SQUNTO is finally making his way down to the sweet south to share his insane DJ moves with his fellow Carolina bassheads. HPOD Presents put together an insane Dubstep and heavy Bass show titled The Pit: Dueling Dragons. People are driving from all over the east coast to catch this majesty of a show. If you’ve been watching SQUNTO’s Chop videos on Facebook, then you already know that this man has a knack for hearing rhythm; ultimately giving him the ability to put together some pretty insane 140 BPM combos. Riddim and Dubstep are his game, SQUNTO is the name.

      Also, there are several b2b battles taking place among openers like Scales and Luke Franklin. Since this is the Dueling Dragons event, it’s only appropriate that DJ head toe to toe in one of the most epic battles in history. If you’re a cool dude or dudette who likes heavy bass music, fun crowds and good vibes, then we’ll see you all tonight at Club Luna.

P.S. Grab your tickets HERE.14690980_1119861728095863_5456214465722374336_n

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