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Stabby’s New Single “Black Tide” Gives us SHIVERS!

    Hello internet! Who’s ready to take on a dangerous, yet questionably peppy challenge today? No folks, I’m not talking about jumping on stage and singing Karaoke to your favorite pop singer after seven shots of tequila. Today I want to share a beauitfully made, heavy artillery Dubstep banger created by the likes of Colorado’s very own Stabby. What starts off as a smooth journey through a North Carolina valley quickly turns into a into a high velocity, clown-chase-through-the-woods type of audio massacre. The Denver based artist has collaborated with big name artists such as Megalodon, Dr. Ozi, and Subject 31. Earlier this month Stabby dropped the Blade EP on Borgore’s infamous Buygore Records to answer the pleas of many supporters who were looking for a new project. And now you’re ntelling me he put out the “Black Tide” single for all of us to enjoy as well? Stabby, you’re a good guy. Never stop making people throw on their stank face when they hear your music, and we’ll never stop supporting you, deal? Listen to “Black Tide” below! P.S. Please Give Stabby a Like on Facebook if you like what he does!

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