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Stokeswood – 2075 (Album Review) & Concert Alert

If It Sounds Like It Would Make a Good Street Name, Then It’ll Make An Even Better Band Name.  

     As I was aimlessly walking around my cozy Charlotte apartment, I stopped and asked my roommate what he thought about “Stokeswood” as a band name. We sat down and started pairing the word that also happens to sound like a really good type of craft beer with words like Road, Avenue, Boulevard, you get the picture. I told him that I got an email from a company known as Mason Jar Media, who was responsible for bringing a numerous amounts different jam bands to countless summer music festivals including this year’s Counterpoint Music Festival, where I wrote my first large scale festival review. I was asked to check out one of the bands on their roster named Stokeswood, a 5 man Atlanta indie-rock and electro-pop type band who had just released a new album titled 2075.


     Since I established the Charlotte Sessions as an electronic and hip-hop source of music and entertainment, I was a little bit hesitant to do a review on something so outside of my usual spectrum. After one good listen to the highly varied band’s introductory track on their same titled new release, 2075, I knew I would be making a mistake by not shedding light on the east-coast musical delight that is Stokeswood.

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     The fast paced intro 2075 carries enough rhythm to spare for anybody born with two left feet. I took myself out of the headbanging mode that fast paced, heavy, dubstep usually puts me in, and went back to a time and place where all I used to listen to was upbeat indie & alt rock. After we listened to the first song I looked at my roommate and asked him who he could compare the Atlanta group to. He came up with a mixture of Relient K, and Panic at the Disco. Lead singer Adam Patterson wails his way through a story about searching for that love that didn’t quite work out in the past, now 60 years into the future. If Disney is in need of a good movie-album track to play at the end of their film, they should look no further.

     But Stokeswood isn’t the type of band to hold on to a single sound. They prove this on the second track of the 7-song album, Our Streets where the mood set up by its predecessor takes the album into a distinct yet positive, moving direction that almost makes you feel like you’ve encountered many of the same experiences that Stokeswood speaks on throughout their music. The heavy use of synth in this track makes me feel like this would be the ideal band to open up for an Imagine Dragons show. It wont take you very long before you find yourself singing the chorus louder than your speakers.


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