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Strange Sounds With Zeke Beats and G-REX

Can someone please call an otolaryngologist because I think my ears are broken. Seriously, I have no idea what I just listened to, and I’m a little bit shocked I’m just now discovering discovering this tune. I use the word discovering twice because I’m almost certain that I’ve heard this new Zeke Beats and G-Rex collaboration in the past, but I certainly haven’t ever smashed the play button on the internet, so I’m marking today as the day I truly discovered “Purple Haze” – at least the audible version, that is. After literally being too exhausted to catch two (from what I heard, incredible) Zeke Beats sets at Valhalla Sound Circus, and Lost Lands, I was able to catch the Australian badmon perform live with non other than the computer simulation known as EPROM. This was one of my favorite performances of the weekend, and I’m certainly grateful that I was able to experience my favorite Aussie’s incredible flow once again.

A few moments ago, I read six words (technically five words and one letter), that really caught my attention. ZEKE BEATS & G-REX – Purple Haze. As many of you know, a song named “Purple Haze”, was originally created by Jimi Hendrix in 1967. It’s also the name of a very pungent strain of cannabis, a sativa to be exact. So when, Zeke Beats, the great turntabalist and producer from Western Australia joined forces with the Detroit sound shifter better known as G-Rex, they managed to craft the ultimate tune with an utmost sense of euphoria and full throttle energy. I really dig the lyrics, sneaky evil laugh, and DnB “Boh, Boh Bohs” that accompany the carefully orchestrated introduction. “Break it up, roll it, light it, and pass it around.” After an alarming set of sirens ring away, the signature, electrifying synths that Zeke and G-Rex are known for kick in to shock all listeners directly in their dancin’ joints. I have a deep appreciation for the variety of peculiar noises that the two producers have incorporated to give us that sense of thrill that we’re all looking for. Wait till the second drop to catch wind of the bubble blaster and horses. Ten out of ten for me boys!

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– Zyven
 (The Riddim Professor)

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