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[New Music] Subtronics x Woodlock x Leakr


 Sometimes good music makes it right past us until we discover it a few weeks later. In this case we have the rising Belgian legend, Woodlock, back at it with a serious case of the dirty wubs. He worked side by side with another beacon of relentless talent, the Dutch badmon Leakr. Each artist has their own unique taste in producing Riddim, but when two strong forces collide, you can surely expect a quality new piece of music. We now present to you Poppin Lazers by Woodlock and Leakr. Feel free to stream the tune below.

Also be sure to check out some of Leakr’s other tunes like Experiment 626, Bounce, 13th, Mummy, and A Witches Curse. Don’t forget the dude Woodlock, singles like Stormtrooperz, The Forbidden One, Wario’s Death, Egg Hunt, and so many more sick tracks that will have you skankin’ out everywhere you go.

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   A few days ago the single eyed monstrous producer from Philadelphia dropped a massive new tune that he’s been teasing for a few weeks now. Subtronics is known for his heavy, fast paced yet tasteful robotic sounds and has gained thousands of fans all over the world in the past year alone. Particle Meme Weapon is like something out of a scary movie. Load this one up on your stereo and turn that shit up to 11, this one is definitely a must hear. Check out this new heater below. (Feel free to Give Subtronics a Like on Facebook)

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