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Subtronics Saves 47 Kittens With His NOW That’s What I Call Riddim Volume 3 Mix

Ladies and gentlemen, Riddim lovers of all ages, today I have a very special piece of music history to share with all of you, and if you haven’t already been exposed to this new 38 minute mix of pure filth, you’re in for a surprise As some of you may have heard, Philadelphia based badmon, Jesse Kardon, otherwise known Subtronics has finally uploaded his latest installment of his hit mix series Now That’s What I Call Riddim! As a dark voice describes the likes of a cyclops that he had just encountered roaming through the country fields of Pennsylvania, a very familiar voice belonging to Los Angeles’ very own Al Ross cuts in to introduce the producer of the hour.

     How do you know that you are in store for a dangerous Riddim filled journey to deepest part of your soul? All it takes is for Subtronics to kick off his mix with Caspa’sCockney Thug” mixed in with his Dirt Monkey collaboration “Warp Drive“; I know I’m not the only person to have gotten chills from that powerful introduction. This mix features singles by heavy hitters like Xaebor, Jura, Somnium Sound, Chibs, Toog, Grym, Infekt, ID and so many more incredible producers. While there are countless double and triple drops that are worth mentioning, one of my favorites was the SubtronicsWook Lazer” and He$HHit A Lick double. Something about those smelly, relentless lazers mixed in with that heavy He$H flow really got me raging. We could sit here all day and talk about how Subtronics went back and forth from Riot Ten and Sullivan King’s “Pit Boss” to Phiso’s “Wasteland” to “Surrender.” I’m not sure if I entirely heard Uber correctly, but if his watermark said “You’re now locked in to Subtronics, also known as Spinstep, cause he also loves Spins” then I’ll have to give him the Troll of the day award, because we all know that Subtronics is an adamant poi lover. It’s true folks, Uber rather watch Subtronics spin poi than Riddim! Smash that play button below and e

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