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Subtronics Shatters World With “Thermal Expansion” EP

   I can’t believe I get to document the new music that has been emerging on Disciple Round Table, written by the Philly native known as Subtronics. After recently dropping a dastardly EP on Ganja White Night’s Subcarbon Records, I’m very surprised to see Subtronics coming in hot with a new project on one of the quickest growing Labels in the market. Thermal Expansion is more than just EP and a single folks, it’s a way of life. Check out the horrifying, booty poppin’, ground shaking sound design behind the Pennsylvania based producer’s newest tune. If you want something nasty to bounce to, Thermal Expansion” is the one to get down to. If you want to bust out the dangerous Dubstep claw, then Damage Report” might be tune for you. The next rack to make its way to our brainwaves is “Shurikan” a gnarly tune designed to open your mind and clench your fists. Last but not least, we’ve got that nasty heater Ocean Lab,” the perfect tune to play in front of a huge crowd right after dropping Svdden Death tune to keep the party going. Make sure you catch Subtronics on the Origins Tour with Ganja White Night and Dirt Monkey at a city near you!

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