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Sunset Radio Strikes Again With New Mixes by LAVIER and Bad Catholics

    Ladies and gentlemen, I’m very excited to present you the a brand new radio show that “Brings you the finest electronic music on the East Coast. Because when the sun starts coming down, sometimes all you wanna do is throw your hands up and dance into the night.” A few weeks ago Sunset Radio was introduced to the internet as a gateway for music lovers to dip into the world of unique and eclectic Electronic stylings, from producers all over the nation. The show is hosted by non other than Boone, North Carolina’s very own MUZ, a close friend and an exceptional producer who really has a passion for bringing people together within the Carolina music scene. I really enjoy what he’s doing for the music scene in our state, so I felt like sharing some of the new mixes on Sunset Radio would be the perfect way to share the light. Also, big ups to the Florida based badmons over at The Harmonic Connection for sponsoring MUZ on Sunset Radio. These were the same guys who brought that Dirty Monkey, Jantsen, and Grimblee show back in 2015, one of the best shows that Charlotte has seen to date.


Pittsburgh, PA producer L A V I E R (@laviermusic) – with multiple label releases and huge support on his debut album, “Prince of Trash Palace,” you can expect to hear a full set of many unreleased originals – additionally, prepare to hear tracks by Samuel Robinson, Ost & Meyer, and many more on the residency mix.”


“On this week’s sunset, you can expect to hear tracks by Sonny Bass, MUZ, Ownboss, and many more – including a very special guest mix by Raleigh-based east coast producer, Bad Catholics (@badcatholics). Having played some of the states largest venues and gathering support from various industry headliners, this is one mix that will be filled with many originals, and that you do not want to miss.” I’ve had the pleasure of catching Bad Catholics live, back in the day when the project used to be run by two people. The energy that Bad Catholics and OUZA put out is a sight to see.  It’s been a while Since Bad Catholics has put out any new music, hopefully we can get something filthy from him in the very near future. But for now, enjoy the mix!

Keep up the good work MUZ, these radio shows are really entertaining and they’re starting to gain more traction. You’ve got our support!

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