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Sunshine Sunday with Truth (New Music Alert)

I asked the world if I could get some new Deep Dubstep sent my way so that I could go about my Sunday Florida adventure the right way. Then I remembered that a few days ago I had seen a post somewhere about my favorite New Zealanders releasing new music (which I eventually told my homegirl Kiwi about, I was hoping I broke the news first). Since my mission today is to relax, soak up some sun and enjoy the sound of the ocean, I figured that little bit of that Truth fire would be great for this experience. I’ve only been to Clearwater Beach one time since moving here, but it was much further away from where I’m currently exploring – I knew I was in for a special journey once I took note that the name of this tune was “Sunshine“.

If you’re looking for a sonic groove cruise through the cosmos and back to the beach, look no further, Truth has got you covered. Who can tell me where the vocal sample is coming from? “You dont want to be trapped inside with me sunshine.” While the nature of the tune might be a little sinister for the beach, I like rabbit hole that it sent me down. Now excuse me while I teleport to Nashville, Tennesse last summer as I enjoy their mix from their performance at the Be Interactive bass rodeo. We hope you enjoy the sounds of the Deep, Dark, and Dangerous founders on (DDD0061).

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– Zyven (The Riddim Professor)

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