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Super Duper KYLE Tour In Charlotte! (Concert Review!)

A Super Duper Sunday

     It WAS NOT, an ordinary Sunday evening. The good man spared the Queen City from another hot day, and for once the weather was feeling nice. But something a lot more entertaining than a beautiful sunset behind the Charlotte skyline was taking place.

    Yep, a Super Duper Kyle show was scheduled to start in just a few hours, and I needed to get ready. And by get ready, I mean Soundcloud research, lots and lots of Soundcloud research. I actually had never listened to Kyle’s music until I heard two separate friend groups mention they were going to the show. And after asking a few more of my rap-head friends about Kyle, I got the sense that this was a show I would regret missing. I was put on, my friend Paka played Keep It Real and Fruit Snacks & Cups of Patrons for me. I immediately took out my VISA card and the rest was history. I’ve been to a lot of rap concerts in the past, well, concerts in general, and it’s difficult to write about each and every one of them. But this show was unique and unlike any rap show I’ve ever been to before. And I felt the need to share my new discovery of this Kyle guy with everyone else.


     I didn’t feel alone in the large room of what seemed like at least 300 die hard Kyle fans, surely I couldn’t have been the only person there who started listening to his music five days before the show, no, definitely not. And apart from the many serious attempts from my friends to try to get me to shut up, sit down, and listen to Kyle, this wasn’t my first time hearing about the west coast rapper. I’ve read the name in blogs before, I’ve heard people talk about him, I know about his tour with G-Eazy, but for some reason I never took it upon myself to look up KYLE. Maybe it’s because every time someone mentioned the name Kyle, the first person I would think of is my old buddy from middle school, he’s the last guy who you would expect to be a rapper. Call it a crappy form of prejudice and laziness, but what I saw on that stage at the Visulite Theater on Sunday night was something far different than what I expected. I took what I got from the show, asked my friends a couple of questions after, and put together this review from the aspect of a new fan, a new listener. I hope you enjoy.


    The show opened up with Kyle’s, DJ? Friend? Hype-Man? jumping around and getting the highly dedicated crowd, TURNT. I kept asking myself who the hell is Super Duper Brick? Turns out he’s really, really, good at getting a crowd hyped up. So we can say that Brick is all three of the above, the man does it all. He even kicked a little verse. Read on to see the photo!


     Sporting high-kneed yellow shorts and a cool, funky zombie hand t-shirt, KYLE jumped out on stage and started the first verse for his 2014 single, “Don´t Wanna Fall In Love,” the title explains itself; Kyle talks about his ventures with a certain girl that reminds him why falling in love sucks.  I agree Kyle, who needs love, so fuck it why not just boogie instead?

     I can’t flex, yes flex, and pretend like I remember the exact order that Kyle performed his set, let alone all the songs that he performed. But I definitely remember the one about getting laid while playing super smash bros. The quirky performance of Sex & Super Smash Bros had Kyle and Brick making all the ladies in the crowd go wild. I don’t really want to get into detail about the choreography though, but it was hysterical, I’ll give you that.



     One of the elements I definitely appreciated from this performance was how perfectly intertwined Kyle and Brick were. Whenever they danced, it was always synchronized. They would crack jokes on stage, Brick even held a sign behind Kyle’s head that said “Pretend Like Kyle Is Sexy.” (I got a picture, but it’s not the cleanest quality, look out for it in the Super Duper Kyle Photo Album coming soon to our gallery!) If the two weren’t musicians, I would find a way to get them into a Hollywood sitcom together because the pair are hilarious. 

     There was a song called Keep It Real. I liked this one a lot, not only because it was produced by EDM trapstar, Carnage, I didn’t know that at the time of the show. But maybe it was the flow, maybe it was the hook, or the rhyming “Nigga with Nigga” verse (those always catch my attention for some reason). Kyle kept it real with the crowd the whole night, always complimenting his fans for knowing his verses and looking girls in the eyes at convenient parts of his songs. The guy was born to perform.



     I’m not exaggerating when I tell you Kyle’s crowd was one of the most interactive crowds I’ve ever seen. I guess what makes a crowd, a good crowd, is whether most of the people are dancing or not. I can’t stand a still crowd. But I didn’t find this to be a problem whatsoever at the Kyle show. You can attribute this to the 17-24 year old fan base, or simply to the fact that Kyle’s music should make the average person want to bounce. One of these fast paced, cleverly written, interactive tracks was BangNo doubt that you could hear me singing the catchy hook by the near of the song, BANG BANG BIGGITTY BANG!

     Here’s that photo of Super Duper Brick I promised! I’m fresh to the photography game and finding the right setting for darker, indoor shows isn’t easy. I’ll get some cooler shots next time 🙂 Maybe Super Duper Brick could give me a lesson since he shoots a lot of Kyle’s material. Check it out at The once North Carolina resident (he mentioned living in Fayetteville for nine years) kept the crowd super hyped throughout the ENTIRE show. His presence made the show much better than what I expected from your typical Hypeman/DJ. Kyle had to take a little break in the middle of his set and that’s when Brick threw on an EDM remix of some popular rap song which I can’t seem to remember… I mean who doesn’t love to rave and rage for five minutes? Also, are you really a hype performer if you don’t hose down the crowd with a water bottle or two? The Super Duper Crew absolutely had this part covered. While I’m not a huge fan of getting my camera wet, my shirt worked as a decent shield for Brick’s antics, and the crowd was digging it, so that’s all that really matters!

Super Rare Photo Of Brick Kickin A Verse

     Speaking of a lit evening, who can forget his single with Iamsu, It’s Lit? I remember scrolling through Kyle’s Instagram before the show and finding this picture. That’s when I knew the single was going to be FIRE (Ha-Ha).



     Thankfully I had friends around who could give me some insight on Kyle’s music, so I managed to get a few more tracks down to share with you guys. There were many tracks off his 2014 album, Beautiful Loser that definitely stuck out to the crowd. While everyone responded really well to pretty much anything that Kyle and Brick performed, songs like Focus on You caught a lot of attention from the crowd. It’s not your typical love song, but it definitely reminds you about that one special girl that you just know is meant for you. It will work out when the time is right, right Kyle? Wait On Me was also extraordinary. It definitely has to be difficult to perform that song live. Any musician who can perform a song about family who has passed definitely earns my respect, not only because of their strength to get through the lyrics without getting overly emotional, but also because of the typically powerful, and touching lyrics. 


     Man, Oh Man, so not only does Kyle have a dope album and many singles behind him, he’s also got an arsenal of features with big names like Memphis rapper Juicy J, Chicago native Chance The Rapper, Oakland favorite G-Eazy, and French super producer Martin Solveig. While he couldn’t play ALL of these jams, he did spit a verse off Chance’s Wanna Be Coolwhich was insane. He also did his verse of G-Eazy´s Monica Lewinskywhich I can’t get stuck out of my head after three days of sitting on Soundcloud.


     If you were one of 300 cool ass people at the Visulite Theater on Sunday, then you definitely got to be part of The King Wavy Tour surfboard experience. YES! For his finale Kyle got out on stage and rapped on a surfboard. I’ve seen a crowd hoist up Hopsin while he raps mid-air, Steve Aoki get on a blow up raft held by the crowd, Del The Funky Homosapien pull up on a skate board. Hell, I’ve even seen Tyler, The Creator bring out his two wheeler on stage, but I will never forget Kyle literally crowd surfing. I really liked the song that went along with this performance. When Can We, this track off Beautiful Loser is a definitely another love song. Maybe Kyle was feeling some type of way about that special lady at the time; but he definitely seems over all that in Don´t Wanna Fall In Love. As Casey Veggies once said, Life Changes. The beach like stage props made Kyle’s stage the perfect setting for his finale; the performance was electric.


     Of course he had to come back out for the encore! The crowd wouldn’t stop cheering for Kyle after that dope surfboard performance. The Cali native came through and played the crowd favorite, Don’t Wanna Fall In Love, once more.


    To top off a great night filled with so many moving tracks, Kyle and the Super Duper Crew stuck around for photos with the fans. Here are a few of my personal favorites.

Brick and Mike
SHOCKING: That is NOT Carlton Banks




The Crouch. Always Necessary.
About That Hustle. Thanks Kyle.
True Supporters

     After having gone to a Kyle show I was left with one feeling, where can I see more? Is there more? Time do to some more internet digging, cause that was a hell of a performance. NOW, I can say I’m a Super Duper supporter, or fan, whatever you want to call it. Don’t be a stranger Kyle, the Queen City will always have your back.

– Zyven

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I took the photos, Michael T. @MTepedenino10 edited them, and Jeremy C. @Just_Cause_Photos gets credit for the cover photo edit!

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