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       If you’re a basshead that regularly scours the never-ending abyss a.k.a Soundcloud, mining for filthy underground gems, there’s a good chance you’ve recently stumbled across tracks by a producer named Voyd, thinking “who the heck is this guy” or “where in the world did this dude come from with all these nutty dub tracks?!?!?” Then, out of nowhere, just as you’ve listened for the 87th time, all Voyd tracks disappeared. Thousands of listeners left in mystery, hoping to soon find out who exactly was responsible for all those grotesque bangers.

       Well, this came as no surprise to me, but the mystery is over. Voyd is none other than the immensely talented dubstep extraordinaire, Danny Howland, a.k.a Svdden Death.

       This Los Angeles native has been making absolute waves recently. Hailing support from DJs and producers all over America, his collaboration last year with the riddim jester Yakz, “Shut Em Down” as well as his own “Take Ya Head Off” among many many others, have all skyrocketed his career to remarkable levels, with more than half a million streams on each track.

       Keeping up his much deserved momentum, 2018 has brought the young DJ/Producer even more success. With the release of his second EP, “Junkworld” (which is literally filled to the BRIM with bangers) as well as the incredibly successful Bzzrk Tour w/ AFK, all we can do is sit and wait for what this dubstep wizard will do next.


       Leaving little to no room for improvement from the other tracks he’s dropped under the “Svdden Death” moniker, we are quickly humbled and reminded of our unworthiness with the release of “VOYD VOL. 1“. This collection of tracks seriously raises the bar for production quality and filth level in this day and age of Dubstep. Featuring two brilliant up and coming Riddim engineers Murda and Samplifire, we get a taste of some of the heaviest, most high quality Bass Music soundsbcirculating the airways right now.

      This entire EP is jam packed with destructive heaters that will soon prove to exist as a benchmark for dub tunes in the years to come. So grab your knee pads, elbow pads, mouthguard, helmet, shinguards, face-mask, and a diaper because we’re talkin’ “havent showered in years” level filth here boys and girls.

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