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SweetTooth Celebrates 3,500 Followers on SoundCloud With New Violent Single

 Ladies and gentlemen, I can’t help but feel a little bad that I’ve been missing out on the sounds of Los Angeles based producer SweetTooth, but that changes today. As I was scrolling through SoundCloud, exploring the sounds of Oregon’s CHMST, I stumbled upon a single titled, “I’m Black,” but what really caught my attention was the name of the producer who put out the tune. I can say that I’ve seen at least six or seven videos of SweetTooth throwing down some heavy vibes at random shows across the country, but I never took the time to check out his music. But when I hear the perfect combination of Lo-fi HipHop sounds cleanly mixed in with a heavy dose of wonk, gunshots, and those aggressive lazer sounds that make you feel like you’re in another dimension, I can help but wonder what other kind of gems this West Coast producer has under his sleeve.

     Good news folks, SweetTooth is actually performing at the enormous Riddim Showdown coming up in Philly known as the Target Practice. February 10th, SweetTooth will be joining the likes of CHMST, JAM P R D, Codd Dubz, Packback, CHMST, FLIX & Motus, Talk about a good time. Keep up the goodwork SweetTooth!

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