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Get To Know Raleigh’s Symetrex

It takes a very special kind of individual to want to participate in one of our mix competitions. We appreciate every single dj and producer who has taken the time to sit down and plan out their entry because it shows that they’re truly dedicated in showing off their talents to the world. One of the contestants for our first mix competition of the year was non other than the green bearded Raleigh producer Symetrex. I remember him creating such an insane ensemble of wild tracks that were special to my heart and tracks that I had never heard before. He’s a hard working individual and a talented producer to say the least.

Symetrex! How goes it brother! How are you doing after an incredible Halloween weekend? What did you do to celebrate the spooky seasons?

I’m doing splendid! I hit up a show with two of my favorite Hardcore/Metalcore bands playing. They kicked ass and sounded just like their albums live. Was my first time seeing them too.

That’s definitely the right route to a fun Halloween! How long have you been producing and what are some of your preferred styles of music that you enjoy creating the most?

I’ve been producing for a while. I made my first beat almost 20 years ago but didn’t get my own stuff to make music about 7 years later. My personal favorite is that Deep and Dark Dubstep.

Here’s one of your old school bangers! How would you describe the Raleigh EDM and Bass scene to someone who’s never experienced a show there?

We’ve got a good community in Raleigh. It’s rather diverse from new heads in the scene to older cats that have been around forever. Eclectic musical styling from each different crew doing their thang.

Shout out to Bassbunny Productions! Who are some artists that really inspire the way you mix and write music?

Well on the DJ tip, Youngsta is my favorite DJ. Clean, technical mixes and he’s always got 3 tunes playing. His mixes have the most wild dynamics. In terms of production it’s tough to narrow down. Kwizma is making some of the toughest, weightiest tunes as of late. They’re minimal but have awesome grooves and his bass sound design skills are top notch. Stank face every time.

Tell us about a special memory that you’ve created at one of the shows you’ve played.

I played on a 150,000 watt Soundsystem in Brooklyn called Tsunami Bass. Was the most fun I ever had djing – commanding that beast!

That must have been absolutely epic. What excites you the most about performing at So We Heard You Like Dubstep Volume 5?

I’ve actually never been to Charlotte before! I’ve heard great things about SERJ too. Gonna meet some new heads. Throw down some new sounds from myself and others that I’m feeling and display the vibe I like to hit when I’m behind the decks for the fine attendees of the show.

Right on brother, you’re bound to make several new friends, thank you for joining us! See you soon! You can Purchase Tickets to So We Heard You Like Dubstep Volume 5 Here!

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– Zyven
 (The Riddim Professor)

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