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Tantrum and Fayte Love to Decimate [New Dubstep Bangers]

Who doesn’t enjoy the feeling of living out a beautifully twisted medieval fantasy from time to time? That’s why we obsess over Game of Thrones. That’s why we play games like Skyrim. That’s why we still celebrate the Renaissance Festival. And for others, that desire to jump back six hundred years to the days where royalty was truly praised has inspired them to create some extraordinarily ruthless Dubstep tunes. I feel lucky that we live in a world where a certain Kentucky based Warrior and his Minnesotan brother in arms join forces to create incredible new music. What would life be like if Tantrum and Fayte didn’t exist? It’s not the existence I want to live in! The two Warriors brought forth their talents to design a hefty new destructive single that would be suitable for any God of War battle scene (if Kratos lived in the year 2050, and was secretly a cyborg). It’s safe to say that “CATACLYSM” will have a massive impact on your day the second you hit that play button.

     A little over a year ago, I had the pleasure of witnessing my first Tantrum performance in a huge Latino club in Columbus, Ohio. I literally drove seven hours to a new city just to party for ninety minutes with some amazing friends that I met at CLUSTXR Music Festival. But in these ninety minutes I was able to witness decimation caused by Tantrum, Lord Swan3x, DMVU and Creation – it was a gnarly experience to say the least. But I digress – this new remix for Fayte’s tune “Esssence”, that Tantrum created with Chicago bass mongrel Kleavr is the bees knees, and you should certainly give it a listen!

Here’s one more for my Riddim gang! Much love to the Riddim Network for releasing Fayte’s new hit “Chidori”! Stay tuned for our special interview coming out this week!

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What’s your Fayte my friend?

– Zyven

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