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Target Practice Has One of the Nastiest Riddim Lineups of The Year [Concert Announcement]

  This one is a doozy folks! If you’re as much of a Riddim fanatic as I am, then you will be very pleased to learn about this phenomenally spooky event that is set to hit the East Coast in less than two weeks. I’m talking about the Philly Target Practice folks. Grab your heaviest M5, Type 92 or even your little glock folks, because it’s time lock & load as we usher in a new era of Riddim (don’t actually bring guns to the event please). This incredible show has been organized by Underground Division and NoDegree Collective. We can’t wait to see how these guys throw down, especially at a new venue (new to me) known as District N9ne. February 10th couldn’t come soon enough!

  To kick things off, we have the man responsible for tunes such as “Ack! Ack!,” “Highly Addictive” and “Planet Earth.” The Northamptonshire based producer is thoroughly excited to be making his first appearance in the City of Brotherly Love. Needless to say, JAM P R D is one of the mains reasons that I’m quivering in my seat as I write this preview.

Coming in hot from the ports of Long Island is the one and only Codd Dubz, a man who gets filthy behind the DJ decks when equipped with the proper firepower. The last time I saw Codd Dubz perform was in Washington DC during the Chop Drop Tour with Crowell, and it was over the top amazing. I’m sure the “Seargeant Slap Rankle” producer will bring the heat.

    I’m shaking just thinking about what his Philly set will be like. But what I’m most excited about are the two new members of the Monsters Crew. Hailing straight from Quebec Canada are the likes of FLIX and Motus, some of the baddest, and the lowest in the scene. They rarely play in the United States, so this will be very a special performance. If you want to see how the Monsters Crew does it, I suggest you get to Target Practice in time to catch Flix & MOTUS.

  But wait, the list just gets better and better, all the way from Portland, Oregon, we have one of the most original, creative and destructive producers in the industry coming to show off his talents. The one and only CHMST, the man who crafted insane singles such as “Riddim of the Night“, “This is How We Do It” and “Pink Molly” will be blessing my psyche soon enough. Since I’m not sure if I’ll be able to catch him and HE$H on their “Whippin In The Lab Tour” this spring.

    Folks you thought that was all? I still have two more acts to share with you! Coming all the way from Los Angeles, California is the one and only SweetTooth. I’ve seen countless of videos of this man throwing down incredible doubles, and I can’t help but think that he’s going to destroy Philly into pieces once it’s his time to shine at the Target Practice. You know our style, if the DJ has rhythm, shows off some funky dance moves and blows our minds to pieces with their mixing skills, The Charlotte Sessions will be there.

Setting scary levels to maximum

And soon YOUR WORLD WILL BE MINE!!!Quick tease from my set at the first ever HAM Promotions show in Dallas, make sure to keep your eyes on this page for the full raw recap.tracklist:ID x ID- IDAweminus – not that simple (forthcoming Savage Society Records)as always shout out to my mans SHOTYA for the clip

Posted by SweetTooth on Saturday, December 9, 2017

  Check out the full lineup below! You can also Purchase Tickets Here! Make sure to RSVP Today to let your friends know about these sick moves! Head over to The Charlotte Sessions Facebook Page for your chance to win TWO FREE Tickets to the Show!

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