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Terror Me This… Powerful and Alien Friendly Collab by FlaxDubz & AD Awaits

     The repost chain game on SoundCloud might be one of the illest forms of modern day musical support to exist. I love how musicians take advantage of the hard work and effort that they’ve put towards their career by sharing other incredible producer’s music with their own group of thousands of followers and supporters. Often times, this special marketing tactic has led me to discover some incredibly well crafted new tunes. Today, I have the honor of sharing a filthy new collaboration crafted by the likes of Bone Idol bass mongrel, FlaxDubzand one of the OG founding members of the infamous Monsters crew, the don, the legend, mister AD.

I have a lot of love and appreciation for this filthy new tune titled “Idle Monster“. It’s a perfect representation of the strange thoughts going on in AD and FlaxDubz’ brain. Or is it actually a message to the creatures idly trapped in Area 51? The world will soon find out the truth…

FlaxDubz has even teamed up with the likes of Argentina crime boss, Artix!, UK underground ground shaker, Plazid, the mysterious likes of Jub, and Manchester, UK’s very own Bonzi to create a heater appropriately named “SUPREME TECH

 I’ve got a special bonus tune for all of my destructive aliens out there. For the ones who like to get rowdy with a lazer pistol from time to time. When the ting goes bap, the photon cannon goes beep. FlaxDubz did a number of strange things on his February release “Outbreak.” Get down the raunchy way and hit that play button below.

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Oi, is that FlaxDubz and AD at the pub? 

– Zyven

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