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The Best Producers in America: Happy Indepence Day

Happy fourth of July my friends. I wanted to take a few moments to highlight some of my favorite American producers from some of my all time favorite states. This is a nice list of quite possibly the greatest producers of all time, and I hope that you are able to discover some wild sounds that you have never heard of, until today. Happy Independence day my friends. I hope you’re enjoying it to the fullest!

North Carolina

There’s no doubt in this universe that North Carolina is my favorite state. It’s home. It’s the place where I learned to grow into the man I am today. It’s where the Charlotte Sessions was born! For this reason, I would like to give a little recognition to Jordan Castle and Crowell.

Aside from being one of the most kind hearted humans known to man, Jordan Castle has continously shown the scene in our state that he is here to stay. His style is more geared towards that Heavy Dubstep and Hybrid/Hard Trap feeling that so many of us have come to know and love. Enjoy this classic banger that Jordan created for our first compilation release, Royal Rhythm!

As many of you know, Crowell is El Chapo of Riddim out in North Carolina. He’s been holding it down in Charlotte since 2014 and I’ve literally witnessed him massacre stages all over this beautiful country. To say his music is legendary is an understatement. Enjoy this fatty by the don.


Earlier this year I decided to move my whole life down to St. Petersburg, Florida. While I only managed to enjoy fifty one sunny side, beach filled, sand chillen days in the most tropical state in America, I made the absolute best of it. I wanted to mention an incredible from my new town that made me wildly proud to call St. Pete home.

If you’ve heard tunes like “Raisins” or “Send Bro” then you would know exactly why I decided to shed a little light on Stayns today. His sound design is years beyond his time – every time you hit play on one of his tunes, expect nothing but destruction with a dash of eloquent flow. After watching Stayns play a silent disco set on the green channel while Bryzergold shelled out some fire on the blue channel, I was immediately hooked. Enjoy this absolute banger of a tuna known to the world as “Flux Style“, and make sure you turn it up to eleven!

I wouldn’t have been five days away from hosting my first show in Florida if it wasn’t for the boi Tasconix and our good buddy Illusive. The three of us were constantly promoting this beast of a show that was set to take place in Tampa earlier this year. But everything happens for a reason. If you haven’t heard this heater yet, you’re in store for something special.


A few years ago at Lost Lands, I met a group of incredible women from the cheese state who really made an impact on my 2017 and 2018 adventures. Since Marina was the first human to ever call me the Riddim Professor, I wanted to highlight my favorite Riddim producer from Wisconsin. Now presenting… YUNIT. Bonus: who’s ever heard of Deerskin from Milwaukee?

There is a certain amount of swag that must be achieved before you can sample the G-Unit scream at the beginning of your tunes – Wisconsin Dave has certainly reached that point. When a buddy from Australia first told me to check out YUNIT’s tunes, I didn’t expect this appreciation to unravel the way it did. I think it’s safe to say that “Level Up” is one of the greatest tunes of all time – but you be the judge!

What would the city of Milwaukee be without their favorite antlerless space creature, Deerskin. I’ll never forget the first day I decided to explore his SoundCloud page – I had seen him on a lineup somewhere out in the East Coast, but I never really took the time to explore his craft and learn more. This sound shifter is by far one of the most creative artists’ not from this planet. I hope you enjoy…

New Jersey

If you don’t think that Jersey is one of the greatest states of all time, then that’s okay, I respectfully reject your opinion. I LOVE NEW JERSEY.

I have literally had some of the best experiences of all time in this little pocket of America that I call home. But I don’t think New Jersey would be the same without producer’s like Warned. After seeing him shell out at the Monster’s Ball in Philly, I knew that the right move was to bring him down to Charlotte for a little Riddim horror. We decided to bring out a close friend of Warned’s who also happens to be one of my favorite producers, Packback.


Although I don’t have the utmost obsession with Pennsyvlania as I do with other states, I have enjoyed exploring museums and finding 0 CBD flower in Harrisburg – stopping by Erie to visit my buddy Andra was of course, GREAT – and obviously any visit to Philly has always been full of Riddim and leisure.

So today, I would like to recognize the greatest PA producer of all time… MOHNO. I have had the pleasure of booking this prodigy for her World Debut performance last August. She showed the good folks in North Carolina exactly what that Mohno flow is all about. Natalie you are by far one of my favorite aliens of all time. Thank you for all the timeless classics and your incredible friendship!


I’m just going to drop some tunes in here for you guys since there is too much talent flowing from this incredibly powerful state I can now home! Here’s to surviving my first month in Illinois!

Sagz (Real SpicyBois shit!)

Cotten (You’re the man Mike)

Kleavr (One of the GOATS in Dubstep)


Even though I haven’t embarked on an adventure out to the Golden state, I still hold this land very dear to my heart. But it’s more so about the people who are from here that make this place so special to me. Where would we be without artists like OG Nixin and Malicious?

If you were one of the lucky two hundred and forty people who made it out to the first collab concert we held with the Dirt Sounds gang, then you know about all the madness that went down with southern California legend OG Nixin. As a family, we managed to sell out SERJ before 11:30 struck the clock. OG threw down one of the hardest sets that we have ever seen from a North Carolina debut. There’s literally nothing like your first time playing in a new territory, and we were beyond glad we were able to facilitate this experience for the man. The tune below is the one we showed to our boy Eric whenever we approached him about hosting a show at his venue. I think you’ll enjoy it 😄

A few years ago I met a cool guy named Skipp at my first visit to Electric Forest. He’s one of those homies that actually keeps up with you after you leave the festival – so when he proposed that I put together a review about one of his friend’s who makes music out in San Diego, I took him seriously. One thing led to another, a few messages were sent, and low and behold, Malicious ended up releasing “Bounty Hunter” on Charlotte Sessions Audio for our end of the year release, a Mission to Mars.


I want to keep this one short and sweet, since each one of these acts has impacted my musical experience in one way or another.

If you’ve heard the name Alec Reach before, then you know it belongs to one of the hardest working men in the Riddim scene. Anodic is a creator, a record label owner extraordinaire, and more importantly, a really cool guy. I’m really happy to say that his North Carolina debut was beyond destructive. Here’s some firepower for your ears.


I geek out every time I hear this at the beginning of one of his tunes. I’ll never forget the day I drove thirteen hours from Electric Forest to play a show with him, Polarize, I felt, Mvrda and the man once known as PsyDubz. Zubah threw down the hardest set of the night and had everyone hypnotized with the unexpected, nasty drops.

Perma-Trip is life. Life is Perma-Trip. I love you Caleb and Dom 🥰

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