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The Charlotte Sessions DJ Of The Day (006): G Jones



Oh Snap, The Trap Messiah strikes again! We got the chance to see this guy G Jones open at the Counterpoint Music Festival back in May. Now he’s headed back to Georgia for this year’s Imagine Music Festival

which mainly focuses on the electronic music genre. Jones is known for his unorthodox and unique style of production and this definitely carries over into his live shows. All you gotta do is look around and you’ll see a variety of ravers of all shapes, sizes and colors, smiling from ear to ear as they embark in a new, engaging and highly addictive experience that is a G Jones set.

Jones recently released a new EP known as That ODD EP In The Pit of My Hard Drive. Check out Ned Flangers among other bangers right here

If that’s not enough to catch your attention then maybe this cat rollin up will do the trick. G JONES

cat rollup

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