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The Corona Clap Is a Real Song (Seriously!)

How am I just now discovering Dee-1, and why did he make me smile so hard with this new tune? “The Corona Clap” is a sly take on the current pandemic that we’re all experiencing by a New Orleans artist who knows how to appeal to the senses – and I think you should hear it. I knew that the Coronavirus tunes were going to flood the internet soon enough, but this was the first one that I came across and I’m certainly glad life worked out that way.

There was an interview going on between Dee-1 and the Sway In the Morning crew a few weeks ago that really caught my attention. It was right around the time the country started implementing rules such as the Safer at Home Act in Pinellas county – people were still learning about the severity of the virus. When I tuned in to Shade45 the song was about twenty seconds in – I was bopping my head to a beat that was nearly identical to the 2004 Juvenile banger, “The Nolia Clap.” Dee-1 carried a very similar flow, but of course, the lyrics were completely tailored to the Coronavirus. While we all want to pull our hair out, it’s really great to see Dee-1 out here trying to make people laugh with his catchy lyrics. Even two minutes of smiles and happiness can make a huge impact on someone’s day, and Dee-1 certainly managed to make that happen with me.

“I got those squirts for the low…”

I’m tryna quarantine myself, I’m staying inside
The NBA cancelled on me, man I’m feeling deprived
I’m out of toilet paper but they ain’t got none in the store
Man that corona wild, you can’t wipe your butt no more
And ain’t no more school for students, it’s just classes online
this shit, they bout to have their graduation on FaceTime

I jotted down a few notes based on what I heard in the interview – these were comments that really caught my attention that may stir some kind of emotions in your mind.

Through this adversity hopefully it causes unity.

The money in your bank account doesn’t stop you from getting coronavirus, the color of your skin doesn’t stop you from getting coronavirus.

Either the world is finna end, or we’re gonna move past this together.

Let’s be stronger, let’s be better, let’s be more unified as a human race.

Needless to say, I really enjoyed what Dee-1 did with “The Corona Clap'” and I know that a lot of people on this planet appreciate it too. If you want to check out a completely different flow that exemplifies Dee-1’s talent, check out “I Know God.” I’m proud to say that I’ve heard this tune before I even knew who this Louisiana rapper was. I hope to catch him perform live someday! But until then, I’ll enjoy what I hear on the internet and radio! Thank you for the tunes Dee-1! Most importantly, thank you to Tracy G, Sway, Heather B, Mike Muse, OQ, DJ Wonder, and every person who has made Sway In The Morning such a pleasant teaching experience for me over these past several years. Here’s to a fresh new decade of tunes, news, sharing, learning and growing!

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– Zyven (The Riddim Professor)

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