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The Day Marshmello and Roddy Ricch Teamed Up

There aren’t a lot of things in this world that make me as happy as culture and diversity through music – sometimes the greatest experiences can unravel due to a very special collaboration of sounds that most people wouldn’t anticipate. It just so happened that I had a friend from Southern California visit me earlier this month who had much more of an appreciation of Hip-Hop music than I had anticipated (although I should have figured). It was our first time truly getting to vibe together on a deeper level than most humans do on a daily basis, and it was also his first time really getting to explore the East Coast. As my friend smoothly drove Ruby down the highway, the repetitive nature of 21 Savage’s new banger, “A Lot” had just ended for the mine millionth time on our trip – the radio was doing what the radio loved to do. But what came on Chanel 44 next was something fresh and new, with a grimy flow and style unlike what I had been hearing for most of the trip.

My buddy looked at me with a huge grin and yelled “Yo turn this up! I f*ck with Roddy Rich, he’s from LA“. This was the moment I discovered the hot new tune, “Project Dreams“. I would be lying if I said that I knew Marshmello was going to be a part of a this creatively inspiring and catchy single about the daily struggle that humans face in losing sight of their goals and dreams. So I turned up the 20 year old from Compton and his gooey collaborator as loud as my car could possibly go. Roddy Ricch has a knack for spelling out our thoughts in ways most of us are too frightened to do:

“N****, I was down bad, now I’m on a jet for real
Got all this ice on me, baby, told my protecta chill

Sippin’ on this codeine, my baddest bitch is on X pill
I want a couple million without a record deal”.

While I may not be riding around town in a high luxury vehicle with a huge stack of cash to match it, I can relate to Roddy and Marshmello on the idea of finally being comfortable enough to walk around the city flashing all your new jewelry and art. In the case of Roddy Ricch, it was a financial struggle – but in the case of many other’s, it could be more of personal sign of growth and becoming more comfortable dressing the way one wants. Not all chains have to shine. Some of my favorite pieces are made of copper, and the way these jewelers from Kansas City, New Orleans, and Asheville use wire absolutely amazes me. But what amazes me more is the serene feeling of driving down the coast while the sun is setting and my friends in the car are smiling. We’re driving towards our future, never looking back at the days where multiple forces were holding us back.

A huge congratulations and infinite daps must be given to the big creatives Roddy Ricch and Marshmello for this incredible tune. “Project Dreams” will go down in history for years to come! Also, here’s a bonus Drum N Bass/Trap remix created by MAZE from Belgium. Enjoy the listen my friends.

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Never Quit Chasing Your Dreams

– Zyven

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