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The Dub Rebellion Turns 7! [Bonus PEEKABOO Mix]

    It just comes to show that hard work truly does pay off. What does the number seven represent in your life? In my life, seven years ago I started driving, I started listening to Dubstep, I learned that I hated working in the fast food industry, so on and so forth. But what does it mean for a certain unique and prominent outlet for Dubstep music? It means seven years of effortless music promotion and dedication from one of the biggest music channels on the internet, the one and only Dub Rebellion.

  The young man’s name who runs this website is Derek (I call everyone a young man because sometimes, I feel 70, and today is one of those days) – while I don’t know much about Derek himself, I know he has tremendously good taste in Dubstep music, and at that end of the day, all we want is some filthy tunes. It takes a lot of energy to stay consistent to a schedule, do research on new music, and ultimately chop up and edit these videos at a reasonable pace – especially when there are so many great songs being released on a daily basis. We want to give a huge congratulations, salutations, and appreciation going your way Dub Rebellion. Now for you, the kind supporters of the Charlotte Sessions, enjoy the birthday present that Detroit’s very own Peekaboo cooked up for his buddy over at The Dub Rebellion!

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Arm Yourself and Get Ready for Seven Mores Years of Rebellion!

– Zyven

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