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The Fugitives Are Taking Control [New ULTRON EP + SpaceGhost Collab]

    When you hear the word paradise, what exactly comes to mind? Is it the a beautiful white sand beach with the clearest and purest water known to man? What about laying back poolside on a resort island, sipping on a Mai-Tai and a Tropical IPA? Or is it merely having a few days off work to get to relax and do whatever you want with your time? I’ll tell you a time where I found myself in an utter state of bliss and happiness, a moment that I considered myself to be in Paradise.

Take me back to the middle of August to the beautiful mountains of West Virginia, where hundreds of headbangers and Riddim Robots gathered for the third installment of the Bass haven known as CLUSTXR Music Festival. I had just spent a full thirty minutes running around the stage shooting photos for the German legend Infekt, and while I was having a blast, I was also getting really famished. To make things short, I ended up sitting on couch side stage with my feet up, eating a full plate of BBQ as Infekt destroyed his West Virginia debut. But I digress, we’re here to talk about the Bournemouth villains, the Fugitives.

     There’s something about discovering a filthy new Riddim song that brings so much joy to my life. I can’t quite explain it, but it’s like that moment of Eureka whenever you figured out something complicated in college. After reaching out to SpaceGhost about his collaboration “Riddim Paradise” he told me that he loves them, and how they’re super underground legends in the scene who truly deserve more recognition. Well folks, he’s not wrong. This sneaky new tune samples the legendary single “Gangster’s Paradise” by non-other than Coolio. But beware! It’s incredibly spicy and a little bit addicting, so don’t be surprised if you run it back to the start a few times before your day is over.

On top of releasing this filthy collaboration with SpaceGhost, the Fugitives have worked on music with underground legends like Draco, JUB, FlaxDubz and MVRDA. And while The Fugitives specialized in creating crunchy Riddim licks, they’re not afraid to step out of their comfort zone and implement Wonk and Drum N Bass into their craft. If you really enjoyed Riddim Paradise, then you might be please to know that the Fugitives dropped a new project with the international Riddim based label, MONSTERS! The ULTRON EP features five dastardly new creations that showcase the essence of that true Riddim punch that we’ve all come to know an love. So far, “O.G.” is my favorite tune off this diabolical new project, how about you?!

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